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By Everynone, a filmmaking team from New York. Created for Radiolab (previously) for their episode Desperately Seeking Symmetry.
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Those are more examples of asymmetry, no?
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More like synergy, parity, and complementarity, eh? But a well done little piece, and it was made by Everyone so I feel very good about my accomplishment!
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Oh, Everynone. I'm a slacker, sorry.
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Symmetry | Not Symmetry
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Well according to wikipedia the first meaning of symmetry is "an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance", so I think the title works.

Nice video, but I was just a teeny bit unsettled by the last few seconds.
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It seems to be more antisymmetric than symmetric.
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I saw this particular radiolab show live in SF. They had zoe keating doing music and sound effects. It was nothing short of a nerdgasam.
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What was the "nerd" part of the nerdgasm?
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This was cool! Thanks for posting it. :)
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Sorry, this was pretty trite. I think that a lot more could have been said about either the human condition or symmetry or something but this just pushed a lot of binaries in my face that were pretty simplistic and not really profound. The cross-dresser binary was problematic (especially followed by a male/female toilet sign), as was the church/lab opposition (or just...boring), and you know, I could go on but whatever. In the end this just smells like stoner profundity to me, with good lighting and camera-work. But, you know, nice ad all the same, I can't wait until the iPhone 5 is out
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Also, this was posted right after this on the blue which is funny to me.
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i have always found it interesting that the word "symmetry" is not semetrical...
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i have always found it interesting that the word "symmetry" is not semetrical...

Here you go.
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I saw this post right after looking through Mark Laita's Created Equal series (horizontal scrolling, some images NSFW). I think this video complements that perfectly. You could even call the two... symmetrical. If you wanted.
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If it were really symmetrical, there would have been a clip of a woman squatting instead of a guy drinking from a water bottle.

Just sayin'.

(Also, I would have snarked more, but the last 10 seconds brought me up short and thoughtful.)
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I loved it. Thanks!
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I'd seen the Words video before, but Symmetry got me to go look at the rest of Everynone's stuff today. Their Everyone Forever Now series is superb, and I've got the Four Corners of Health Insurance queued up next. Good stuff.
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