"Teenage Devil Dolls!"
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The Film Archive is an eclectic collection of full-length television and films, focusing mostly on the 30’s to the 60’s, that include teenage self-help films, the first televised Nixon / Kennedy debate, nuclear preparation films, exploitation/propaganda movies of every era, and much more.
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Oh man, this has Mystery Science Theater written all over it...
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I'm about 1/3 of the way through A Day Called X - a 1955 TV special narrated by Glenn Ford, which depicts the evacuation of Portland in preparation for nuclear bombing by an unspecified country. [Of course, it was hardly necessary for them to spell that out.]

In between on-screen reminders that "AN ATTACK IS NOT TAKING PLACE", we are shown the city residents emotionlessly proceeding to the nearest civil defense shelter - whose location they are apparently familiar with.

Portland evacuates according to a well though out plan... Quietly, without panic, the city organizes...

No one is screaming. No one is crying. No one is even running.
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Perversion for Profit (the era link above) is now my new favorite thing ever.
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Does this blogspot blog have any association with the Prelinger Archives, or is the overlap in material coincidental?
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Ooooj Kennedy v.s. Nixon debate, talk about a blast from the past! ت
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"Young Billy Martin has to learn that being clean isn't the same as being a sissy. One night, a giant, talking cake of soap wearing tights and a puffy-sleeved shirt assures him of this fact."

That must have been Mr. B Natural's night-time gig.
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Shows how feelings of self-consciousness keep a high school boy from doing his classwork well or making friends easily.

These days it's a trenchcoat and an automatic weapon.
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