Recreating the map of the United States
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The United States of 2012 : Esquire Magazine pulls together five maps that they believe reflect the zeitgeist of the current era. Of special interest is the "Where's Waldo"-like fourth map, which illustrates how minorities and the poor are either included in or excluded from American communities. (2805 x 1813 px version) Also, the aforementioned Eric Fischer's Flickr photostream is excellent collection of his maps.
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That is a gorgeous illustration. Also, when I read the phrase "United States of 2012" I immediately thought "oh god more futurist nonsense" and only then realized it's actually the year 2012.
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The one section on "One-Way Street" is absolutely true. I had friends who were renting a house on Greenmount Ave in Baltimore for dirt cheap.
You could sit on their back porch and look out over $500,000 houses while in the front there were guys selling crack.
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Looking at that large linked map, I don't think I got a single one of the jokes or references. Is there an answer key?
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Yes, in the main article.
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256: "Looking at that large linked map, I don't think I got a single one of the jokes or references. Is there an answer key?"

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Magnakai helped you more gracefully.
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The assassination drone pulling the friendly banner saying "immigrant recruitment" along the south Texas border seems kinda self-explanatory.
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Wow, I would love to buy a print of that Interboro Partners map. Wonder if that's possible?
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Looks like there's a blog, a video, and a forthcoming book related to the Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion map.
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Wow. This Where does the money go? map is really telling.

New York County: lost $1.3 bb of income distributed over 15,000 people, or about $85,000 per person.

San Francisco County: lost $327 mm in income, but only 1,752 people. That's an average income of $185,000 moving out of the city.

I think what's worth noting is that, in comparison to the total population of these counties, the number of people moving is a drop in the bucket.
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Ah... mea culpa. When I scanned the article the first time, my Internet Context Detector misidentified that part of the article as tosses for other articles. Makes much more sense now.
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I can't decide if the mapmaker of the very detailed Interboro map is very cranky about groups of people trying to coexist with each other, or if the groups of people are very cranky about each other.
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