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Love those California rolls, bro
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Anthony Bourdain has co-written a graphic novel. (oh, and he has a Tumblr?) Jiro and sushi and Bourdain previously
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Awww, I didn't know that No Reservations only had 9 episodes left to go, and that the last episode ever had been filmed already. This makes me sad :(
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Well, he's going to CNN, where I hope he takes over the third hour of the "Situation Room", which for some reason has Wolf Blitzer paired with a chirpy co-host.

(To be honest, while chirpy co-host is odd, Wolf Blitzer is THE WORST. We call him "Lobo" at chez PSHO.)

And Bourdain is a very compelling writer.
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:^( I just like fake crab and avocado!
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Anthony Bourdain, the coolest MoFo in America. He is the model for how a hipster/punk ought to carry himself into middle age. Whenever I feel like my life has gone off the rails, I ask myself, "How could I be more like Anthony?" If he became Romney's VP running mate, I would switch party affiliation.

Please don't blow it with your new career move, Anthony. I have so little left to believe in.
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He is the model for how a hipster/punk ought to carry himself into middle age.

ABC has announced he will co-host a cooking reality show with Nigella Lawson.
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