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And now for something completely different....
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Perez Hamilton reports on American history from the 1400's through the 1700's, in the style of gossip blog Perez Hilton. Contents may be offensive. Archive view.
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Wait, so "Perez Hamilton" is a play on "Perez Hilton" which is a play on "Paris Hilton." Is there a word for this outside of "Borgesian"?
posted by griphus at 1:35 PM on August 29, 2012

Wait, so zarq and griphus aren't the same person?
posted by item at 1:43 PM on August 29, 2012

Contents may be offensive.

To Burrites?
posted by chavenet at 1:44 PM on August 29, 2012 [1 favorite]

Perez Hilton is offensive to me, so while I admire the satire, I feel for the guy doing it. To wallow in that kind of crap style all day long...kick me in the testicles first. That's the only way to make it worse. I couldn't keep it going.
posted by cjorgensen at 2:20 PM on August 29, 2012

I thought this was great and got sucked in longer than I thought I would, eventually looking up this guy, the corrupt and cross dressing governor of New York and New Jersey from 1701-1708.

Cornbury is reported to have opened the 1702 New York Assembly clad in a hooped gown and an elaborate headdress and carrying a fan, imitative of the style of Queen Anne. When his choice of clothing was questioned, he replied, "You are all very stupid people not to see the propriety of it all. In this place and occasion, I represent a woman (the Queen), and in all respects I ought to represent her as faithfully as I can." It is also said that in August 1707, when his wife Lady Cornbury died, His High Mightiness (as he preferred to be called) attended the funeral again dressed as a woman. It was shortly after this that mounting complaints from colonists prompted the Queen to remove Cornbury from office.[2]

Metafilter, you continue to fill me full of useless information.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 3:15 PM on August 29, 2012 [5 favorites]

This is really well done! Not only does he manage to impart actual historical information, he does so in a pitch-perfect bitchy Perez Hilton style. Amazing.
posted by cell divide at 4:09 PM on August 29, 2012 [1 favorite]

I liked this more than I should have.
I've avoided Perez Hilton as much as possible, and even I know his penisy style.
And, yep, it's all there.
posted by Mezentian at 7:12 PM on August 29, 2012

Slarty Bartfast, I first learned of Lord Cornbury when my cousin with the genealogy hobby discovered he's apparently an ancestor of ours. I took that as confirmation that my family just doesn't change much from one generation to the next.
posted by notashroom at 10:26 AM on August 30, 2012

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