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Oh, not another one
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December was Christmas. January was New Years. April was Easter. And the Fourth of July. But now it's Thanksgiving! Which is held on a Thursday, not a Friday.
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And, we now have a genre, like it or not!
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Nuh Uh
posted by mrnutty at 3:49 PM on November 9, 2012

If they keep stores open on Thanksgiving for frenzied Christmas shopping, I propose we name the phenomenon "BLACKSGIVING".

...because once you go Black Friday, you never go back?
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Are they trying to tell me that the 4th of July is in April. I don't think that is right, 4th of July has the date right in the name.

I do agree thanksgiving is a thoroughly servicable holiday that features turkey, mashed potatoes and sometime a black guy that eats ribs.
posted by Ad hominem at 4:05 PM on November 9, 2012

Jeez, don't tell my grandma about the black guy eating ribs at Thanksgiving so soon after the election.
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Oh this poor child. What is wrong with Patrice Wilson and why does he like to make teenage girls sing horrible songs?
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It doesn't help that that turkey leg looks really phallic.
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I can't wait for the awesome Thanksgiving song Katy Perry releases in this song's wake.

I'm actually serious.

I can't believe what I'm saying.

19-year-old me would hate me now.

19-year-old me would call Metallica and ask for their help beating Now Me up.

Now Me would go down fighting though.
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I agree, I would like some more info on ribs. Contextual information about the socioeconomic ramifications of delicious BBQ sauce. Perhaps ethnographic research into various delicious rib recipes. How will shifting demographics impact the availability of ribs. Can we look forward to a future where ribs are the preferred thanksgiving food? I, for one, certainly hope so.
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Who is this person? Why is this a significant web item? I have no idea what is going on
posted by ook at 5:15 PM on November 9, 2012

A waste of a post. AND more bubble gum music.
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I think you guys are being needlessly harsh. Perhaps it is best to view it as an enigma, a cultural artifact presented with no adornment. A koan to be meditated on, teasing us with the prospect that there is some deeper meaning, a hidden layer beneath the surface.
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Ad hominem, you've reminded me of these great little maps of tomato/mustard/vinegar barbecue sauce styles in the South: Strange Maps post and Amazing Ribs post. But for storytelling, I'll defer to this lovingly detailed front page post about barbecue.

Probably more fun than contemplating the list of recent videos on Patrice Wilson's YouTube stream, video after video of these efforts.

Anyway, looking at Wikipedia's Thanksgiving songs category, I've now learned that Jingle Bells "was actually written and sung for Thanksgiving."
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Ad hominem, you've reminded me of these great little maps of tomato/mustard/vinegar barbecue sauce styles in the South

Those are great. It is kind of a shame American cuisine gets so little respect. People think of Big Macs and Cheeze Wiz and ignore the incredible spectrum of American food.

New York has no barbecue tradition to speak of but we are definitely in the ketchup based realm.

A couple years back I got interested in sauce and spent every weekend attempting to develop a New York BBQ sauce. IMO my best was a sauce consisting mainly of ketchup, cider vinegar and courvoisier.
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No, sorry, fuck this guy. After seeing him make a 12-year-old do this, I'm more or less convinced he needs some serious therapy.
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I'm sure a pop culture professor could do a three-week unit on this video.

One of the most salient characteristics of this pop music creation to me would be its presentation as a commentary on a longstanding cultural tradition in the U.S. The trope about the Pilgrims and the Indians is, of course, played out, not just in academia, but in grade school pedagogy. (I don't live in a rural area: they may still be presenting Thanksgiving as a presentation of the peaceful relationship between the indigenous population and the invaders: The Indians and The Pilgrims. But the standard national curriculum is a bit more nuanced.)

What is interesting about this video, though, (aside from its stunning banality; i.e. its uninterestingness...much worse than "Friday") is the total absence of family. That is one of the reasons Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays: I get to sit down with my racist brother-in-law and eat in a space of mandatory peacefulness. It is healing, in at least a little way.

However, this commercial exploitation of Thanksgiving is unforgivable in more ways than just the fact that T-Day paraphenalia appears the day after Halloween in the Dollar Store. It is that the video elides the family. Everyone here is a sexually desirable tween.

Yeah, it's just another L.A. turd, but still: ughh.
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A fitting tribute to the worst holiday.
posted by idiopath at 9:49 PM on November 9, 2012

plaatsvervangende schaamte
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I just watched several of Wilson's most recent videos in his youtube stream.

I had no idea. No idea of the money that obviously goes into these things, paid for by parents who undoubtedly aquired their fortunes through the sale of truckloads of cocaine. No idea that there were dozens of videos like that Friday one.

It's only so long before Wilson gets caught fucking one of these 13 year olds, and when that happens I imagine he won't have long left on this earth considering the Legitimate Businessmen these girls have for fathers.
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Oh come on, he's not fooling around with these kids. Don't be gross.

He's banging their moms.
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I'm curious what tween whose desire was to star in a music video looks at this and feels happy or satisfied. Did she have any input into what the song was going to be about?
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