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Meet Michael the retired bank robber, Franklin the repo man, Trevor the psychopath and welcome to back Los Santos. (Previously)

Grand Theft Auto V is coming soon. The Guardian has some a lot of exclusive info. IGN has quite a lot themselves and share a roundtable discussion. Game Informer have plenty as well and share some screenshots.
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Hopefully we'll get it on PC. That'd be awesome.
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I cannot wait to play this 2016 when it's ported to the Mac.
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I only play one or two games a year at this point, and GTA V can't come soon enough. There's something about the particular blend of missions and sandbox and humor that really works for me.

I played through Saints Row 3 early this year, and it was good, outlandish fun, but it didn't quite hit the same spots that GTA does.

The improvements from IV to V look spectacular. I wasn't one of those who hated GTA IV because it was "too serious" or didn't have all the wacky extras from San Andreas, but seeing many of the new pieces in action in the GTA V trailer has got me pretty hyped for it.
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The environments look amazing, but that was a really weak trailer (doesn't mean the game is bad, I mean the trailer itself was boringly put together)
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The triple-protagonist thing is either going to make for the best game EVAR, or it's going to be really weird. Can't decide.
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I was only so-so on GTA4; it was good, and I enjoyed it, but I played through once, and never repeated it. I remember the story quite well, but I had no interest in revisiting it.

What I really want is more Red Dead Redemption. That game was so much fun.
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Gruppe 6. I just got the joke. haw.
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RDR was really great. And in several ways--dynamic events, scored missions, wide-open spaces, wildlife--we're going to see some RDR-ification of GTA. Which is a good thing.
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The armored car company in GTA3 was named "Gruppe-Sechs". Seeing one was always good for a laugh in our dorm room.
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I think GTA III is my favorite game of all time--I still listen to pieces of the soundtrack, and I could almost still draw you the city map. I don't think any of the other have quite reached the same level of magic for me, though they're clearly superior technical achievements. To me, they're almost too big, though at the same time, almost too small. It's sort of like the uncanny valley, in a way, but in a sandbox. I'd much rather be able to go in every building than have more square miles to drive around--I think that would do much more for the "realism" of the setting.

What I'd ultimately like to see (that GTA almost delivers on in each game) is a game where you really are free to play the game any way you want. You'd start with $X in your pocket. Do you become a cabbie and and rent an apartment? A sociopathic sniper living on the rooftops? A career carjacker? A woodsman? A stunt car driver or drag racer? It could be as dry as the Sims, or as suspenseful as a Thief, depending on how you play.

The weak point for me with GTA is that, while you can just play the firefighter or ambulance missions, or just do stoppies up and down the streets, the game really wants you to play the missions. The missions can be fun, but, for example, I never, ever want to play a racing mission. I don't like racing games. You inevitably have one, though, and you can't progress until it's over.

In my ultimate game, I'd love for you to be able to stumble on more missions (like in RDR). You're in the woods, and find a mysterious bunker! You find a skylight into an otherwise locked building! Is that a military base? And is that a hole in the fence? Whee!

I will definitely buy it, though! But I'm halfway through Deus Ex, and I got Skyrim and Arkham City really cheap, and I get to play games for about 5 hours a month (maybe) so I'll have plenty to keep me occupied...
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Watching this trailer, it seems to me like GTA is going to continue slipping into a decline from a magnificent free-form sandbox world to a sequence of carefully-scripted action set-pieces.

In GTA3 there were many ways to finish most missions. In general, if the target died then the mission succeeded, and you were free to get creative about how that happened. You could sneak, or you could just kill everybody, or you could plant a bomb, etc.

However, in GTA4 and even already in GTA3 San Andreas they had taken the scripting so far that the completion of a mission involved merely following along until the end. If there was a guy in a vehicle that needed to die then, no matter what you did to that car or that guy, the mission wouldn't end until the chase reached the point where the script would allow it. If you failed to follow the script, the mission would fail. It's basically Dragon's Lair. It might as well be playing off a laserdisc.

This trailer shows me a lot of that. Swinging from the mast of a sailboat going down the highway and dropping into a nearby convertable? Jumping from a locomotive just as it smashes into another? Press X to Not Die.

I'm pessimistic. I loved GTA3 and Vice City start to finish. I tolerated San Andreas, but finished it. I couldn't even finish GTA4.
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By the way, apropos of nothing in particular, if you're looking for something that's awesome right now, instead of next year, check out Dishonored, from Arkane Studios. Very likely my GOTY. It's a first-person game that sort of blends Bioshock, Deus Ex, and Thief -- it's not quite as good as any of them in their central strengths (story/environment, open-ended gameplay with huge levels, and stealth, respectively), but it's almost as good as the giants in all three areas at once. It's a truly remarkable job of worldbuilding and level design.

The narrative laid on top of the levels doesn't quite measure up to the environment itself, and misfires slightly at the conclusion, but it's still one HELL of a ride.
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Exactly, rik! I didn't finish GTA 4, either, and I never got any of the DLC.

I played through GTA III like three times.
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In my ultimate game, I'd love for you to be able to stumble on more missions (like in RDR).

Well, they've announced that's what they're doing in GTA V, and hopefully it will be as successful.

check out Dishonored

This is likely the only video game on my Christmas list, which ought to last me until "Spring," which I assume means May.
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GTA:SA was my Citizen Kane.

CJ dodged the cops on a Sanchez, cutting through alleys and back roads until he got out of town. Sirens still wailed in the distance as he topped a low rise by a dilapidated desert shack huddled in a puddle of moonlight. Hank Williams was on the radio. The chase from the city had taken just minutes, but I no longer remembered what had started it.

I was completely transported. I was CJ. The real world had dropped away. I was in the game, utterly enrapt.

Some time later I was describing this experience to a friend who does not play video games.

"Oh, that game where you shoot hookers," he said.

"That's like saying 'Oh, The Wizard of Oz, that movie about the flying monkeys'," I replied.

He still doesn't play video games. "Why do you waste your time doing that?" He asks me. Why is this wasting my time, but paying ten bucks to sit in a dark room with strangers and watch Hollywood's latest $150 million folly of boobs and explosions a Fun Thing?

There is more depth, more humor, more pointed social commentary, more intricately-interlocking moving parts in the worst hour of GTA:SA than in a box-set of Hollywood blockbusters.

I thought IV was a step back. I enjoyed it, but admit to a bit of disappointment. I liked RDR, a lot, but the narrative felt forced.

The three-protagonist solution is a clever idea. I look forward to seeing it implemented. So psyched for this.
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Malor: "I was only so-so on GTA4; it was good, and I enjoyed it, but I played through once, and never repeated it. I remember the story quite well, but I had no interest in revisiting it.

What I really want is more Red Dead Redemption. That game was so much fun.

My understanding is that there is a fair chunk of RDR game mechanics that has been brought back into the main GTA fold.

Plus apparently this game world is bigger than GTA IV, GTA:SA and RDR combined. Not sure if that is good or bad, but it's astonishing.
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Well, I get a little tired of the big worlds that are large just to BE big. It's like Skyrim -- very large game, but it's a mile wide, an inch deep, and buggy as hell.

Like Admiral Haddock says, I'd prefer a smaller area that's modeled better, instead of something I have to drive past at 60mph for it to look real.

But, well, the decision's long since made, so we'll see what happens. I'm sure I'll buy it.
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I enjoy GTA for the uniquely dry take on American culture, which can only come from the British. Can't wait.
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A lot of the stuff the trailer shows off as its really cool action sequences are things I already did in Just Cause 2. That game really hit a sweet spot for me in terms of the balance of big, ridiculous set piece missions and just letting you explore around and cause mayhem for the sake of mayhem. In fact, unlike GTA, it recognizes that you're going to drive around on a motorcycle shooting rockets and gives you in-game incentives to do that, so the random chaos of the game-as-played doesn't weirdly contrast with the dour seriousness of the plot.

Probably, like with GTA IV, I'll wait until it's on Steam for $10, play it for 10 hours and then kind of forget about it.
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I didn't see any bowling or darts in that clip.
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it recognizes that you're going to drive around on a motorcycle shooting rockets and gives you in-game incentives to do that

See, this is what Saints Row 3 does, and I think that's why it really didn't gel with me: that's not how I play the game. Plenty of people do--I know a guy who loves GTA games but almost never plays the missions--but it's not really interesting to me. Which is why I liked GTA IV, I guess.
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This may be the best place to ask as any, but how is the driving in Saints Row 3? I loved the driving in Vice City, skipped out on San Andreas, and IV is like trying to drive through invisible Jell-O. I heard SR3 is the Pathfinder to GTA IV's 4th Edition (seriously that is the best analogy I got) so, uh, is the driving fun rather than realistic (or whatever, I don't know how to drive.)
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The Combat tank drives pretty ganky but the VTOL is fun.
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Yeah, but compared to GTA4? That game really was the worst, in that regard. Too arcadey for you to rely on real-life instincts, like you can in a sim, but too realistic to just relax and have fun with. The result was that driving never felt comfortable, even after hours of play. Its physics seemed to prevent my muscle memory from internalizing the gameplay.
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Is that re: SR3 or GTA4?
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I am describing GTA4, there.
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The driving in SR3 was pretty good, I thought. I mean, it's no Burnout but vehicles generally were fun and controlled easily.
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i am not a gamer, really. i don't think i've ever played any game with the intent to solve/finish it. i play to enjoy whatever it is about the game. like Gran Turismo, mostly I'd play to mod the cars and then try to do some fast laps/races.

GTA series was the first time I had ever played a game that was rewarding to play and not be stuck within the narrowly defined game rules. right from the start, you didn't have to do one mission or beat one 'boss'. you could find a gun or beat someone up with your fists and take their car and goof off. and that's how I've treated the GTA series. I'll play or cheat code enough to unlock parts of the game and then just jump airplanes or cause riots or whatever. my brother and i had a competition to see who could be the first one to drive a whole 18-wheeler up to the top of the mountain. that was fairly challenging. and i could probably fly a real helicopter with the amount of time i've spent flying them around San Andreas

I really liked Vice City more than San Andreas at times, although with the expanded map/gameplay, they kinda needed a location with more variety. desert, ocean, city, mountain, farms, etc.. i thought it was inspired to go from 80's Miami Vice to 90's LA hiphop/gangsta Boyz in the Hood. and now 2000s-era heist movies, back in California. but i have to say, I wouldn't mind a game like this, only with Admiral Haddock's idea about even who you are in the game being an open-ended thing.

lol, the jetski in the trailer is a SPEEDOPHILE 2000. and yeah we definitely noticed the Gruppe-Sechs thing. sometimes it was fun to just drive around and actually listen to one station as much as possible. i'm sure there are still bits of the soundtrack in each version I haven't heard yet.

and just looking at the scale they're saying is five times bigger than San Andreas? it looks so immense
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sometimes it was fun to just drive around and actually listen to one station as much as possible.

GTA 3 came out when I was in college, and we used to listen to a ripped (or extracted?) MP3 of Chatterbox regularly.
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GTA:SA was my platonic ideal of a video game, but the driving in GTA:IV was intolerable, and I didn't play it for more than four or five hours. I hope it's better this time around but I'm not optimistic...
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rlk: "I'm pessimistic. I loved GTA3 and Vice City start to finish. I tolerated San Andreas, but finished it. I couldn't even finish GTA4."

Funny, I thought San Andreas was by far the best yet. GTA3 and 4 were both weak, IMO. Vice City, on the other hand, was only slightly behind San Andreas in my estimation. The only thing I really liked about GTA3 was that it took GTA out of top-downs-ville (which I enjoyed enough at the time, I suppose) and led to Vice City.

GTA3's story didn't really inspire me to play through the whole game. It was just more fun to fool around. I didn't find that to be the case in Vice City and SA, where I found myself as invested in the story as I was with RDR.
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Like Admiral Haddock says, I'd prefer a smaller area that's modeled better

It's not GTA-like at all, but indie thing Gone Home (from ex-Bioshock 2/Minerva's Den DLC folks) is kind of explicitly about that (a small space, high level of detail).
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I hope it's wacky like San Andreas. I missed that in IV. I thought it was cool to find a dildo in the police locker room or spawn a jetpack when I'm tired of driving or spawn a fighter plane when I get bored with a mission.
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GTA:SA = SR2 = RDR > GTA:VC > SR3 > GTA4 > GTA3 > SR1

Dishonored was a completely different sort of game - more like Half Life 2 than any thing else I can think of - but really really good.
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I liked IV a lot and I'm really looking forward to V, though the line about "a lot of flying missions" in the Guardian article kinda made me a LITTLE nervous; I thought Gay Tony had WAAAAAY too many fucking helicopter missions. I like the missions (I like the sandboxy stuff, but I tend to get a little bored with those where with the missions, they provide enough structure to help keep the sandbox stuff fresh), but I hated flying the helicopter... and there were a few of those missions that just seemed dumb (like the one where you have to trail the car.... in the chopper.... despite the fact that driving would make way more sense).

I've often thought that I'd love a game like GTA that was more about a psycho/serial killer type. Where you could do murder-missions, but you could also just randomly abduct people and whatnot too... but those would make you a bit more at risk for being caught.

I guess in my brain it's sort of a mix of GTA and Dexter...

Does such an animal exist?
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Speaking of helicopter missions: if there is another one of those goddamn plant-bombs-with-a-remote-control-helicopter mission I will... Well, I don't know what I'll do. Be hugely displeased, I guess.
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I'm not the only nerd who's asked this but ffs Rockstar, could we finally get a female protagonist? I mean Christ, you're got _three_ in this game and they're all re-hashes of characters you've done before.

Don't worry, I'll still fork over my cash to you.

I liked the "seriousness" of GTA4 but honestly, if the biker and Gay Tony DLC hadn't been so good I wouldn't have remembered much of it.

Also, I can't get over the fact that Roman is the same voice actor as the gun-dealer dude in Borderlands. That really sticks out for me for some reason.
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The trick to driving in GTA 4 is to use the brakes every now and then. I didn't find it difficult or frustrating at all. In fact, the driving was much more satisfying than it is in many racing games.

I'll be excited to play GTA 5 when it comes out for PC in 2015.
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Brakes? When driving? In a video game? That literally flies in the face of everything I hold dear about video game driving.

It might also be why I do so, so poorly at racing games.
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Yeah, the tricky thing with the driving model in GTA4 is that most of the cars were shitty cars, and hence pretty hard to drive in anger. You had to actually slow down to turn, and if you clipped a curb cornering at 50mph in your heavy, wallowy SUV, you'd probably roll it. The exotic cars did actually handle, but taught you quickly how difficult it is to do 100+ in city traffic.

This trailer makes me wish they'd just license actual cars from manufacturers. They're no longer generic boxes on wheels but clearly recognisable models artificially disguised, which ends up giving me jarring uncanny-valley type sensations every few seconds in that trailer. There's an obvious Maserati GranTurismo and a Quattroporte in there, as well as the R8, Mustang and some others. But they're all weirdly wrong in subtle ways - it's like seeing familiar actors all wearing prosthetics.
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it's like seeing familiar actors all wearing prosthetics.

Grand Theft Atlas
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GTA:SA = SR2 = RDR > GTA:VC > SR3 > GTA4 > GTA3 > SR1

SR2 and SR3 also have a seamless full co-op mode (by which I mean the entire SP game can be done co-op as well.) Played that way, they are >>. Can any of these other games be played through 2P like that? Will GTA5? That would be eversomuch fun *readreadreads* FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR.

In the case of SR2 it's really surprising because that game is so old and creaky. It's a little buggy, but while I was playing it, I was continually amazed it worked so well.
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