What happened to The Knights Of Badassdom?
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"The short of it is, Bradley bankrupted IndieVest, hijacked the film against his contractual rights, has hacked the film up and is now trying to sell on this castrated, lobotomised version." http://www.badassdom.com/ goes into great detail as to what happened to this movie.
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I was actually looking forward to this....

Yes, I'm a former LARPer DON'T JUDGE ME!
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dammit! I was really looking forward to this >:(
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I know a fair number of current and former LARPers, and a lot more people who are looking forward to this on account of Dinklage and Glau's involvement. I'm wondering if this Bradley guy understands how thoroughly he's shitting the bed with his shenanigans.
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Do You Live In Los Angeles? The Knights Need You.
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This is why we can't have nice things.
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You could always pretend you are watching the director's cut.
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Seventy minutes? Seriously? How the fuck does anyone who knows shit-all about movies -- even on the distribution end -- think that hacking a cut down to 70 lousy minutes is going to improve it? If you don't have an hour of solid material, you don't have a movie at all. You barely have a stand-up special.
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Ok that FINRA complaint is pretty damn serious. Assuming that securities traders have similar guidelines to lawyers (and for this kind of thing I think that's a fair assumption), breaking an escrow account without reaching the minimum and falsifying loan documents is like daaaaaaaaaamn (that's a technical term). I would be out on my ass if I were to do that, and rightfully so.

Wonder what'll happen there.
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Myself and all my Renfest-camping friends were looking forward to this... I hope a reasonable cut leaks.
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I, too, was waiting for this.
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It's all part of the global conspiracy to ensure Summer Glau does not have a career.
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You could always pretend you are watching the director's cut.

Popcorn bag! Popcorn bag! Popcorn bag!
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I'd wondered what happened to this. There was a bunch of hype and then it just disappeared.
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Sounds like someone got a little too deep into the jar labeled 'cocaine'
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