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"She’s not some new age healer, she’s disruptive."
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A Nation Of Sex Workers: An Interview With Tracy Quan
We had some incredible meetings at the Harmony Theatre in Tribeca. When we met at GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis), it was like a civics class. If we met at the Harmony, which was a lap-dancing club, there was a charismatic feeling. We often met at Annie Sprinkle’s apartment, and we actually sat around stuffing envelopes once a month, to announce our meetings. This might sound like a nuisance, but it was an opportunity to meet in someone’s home and create a community by doing something practical. I’m really grateful for the internet, don’t get me wrong – but the paper-era movement had its high points. I remember seeing these charming handwritten notes addressed to PONY with an Olympia, WA postmark… something to do with the Riot Grrls..

Former Callgirl Tracy Quan Explains The Half-Hooker Economy on VIP hosts and bottle girls, previously.
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Some gross jokey comments below that second link, as a warning.
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Too bad that, outside of philosophy, 'virtuous' has come to mean 'prudish.'
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Fists O'Fury: “Too bad that, outside of philosophy, 'virtuous' has come to mean 'prudish.'”

There's always been such a thing as prudery masquerading as virtue. True philosophy looks these things in the eye and attempts to find the path to justice; it doesn't avert its eyes out of misbegotten shame.
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