Goodnight, Bebo
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Bebo Valdes has passed away. A giant of Cuban music, he was a "big man whose music revealed a huge heart." He famously worked with Nat King Cole, and also handed down his musical chops to son Chucho, who would become one of the founding members of the band Irakere. There are some videos inside the fold to allow us to celebrate Bebo and his music. posted by jbickers (11 comments total) 11 users marked this as a favorite

Oh this is so heartbreaking. I was just recently exposed to his music via Chico y Rita and the life-alteringly beautiful Latin jazz documentary 'Calle 54'. It was such a joy to watch him and his son play together. RIP, Sr. Valdes.
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Such a loss, but what a wonderful contribution and legacy he leaves behind. And of course hearing him play with Chucho is amazing. Chucho's own son, Chuchito, is carrying on the tradition, as well.

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The last big vacation I took with my wife pre-children was a two week excursion to Peru. We were on a tight budget--cheap hostels, busses, do-it-yourself-with-travel-guide-and-phrase-book. One night we were grabbing dessert at a little cafe in Puno, down near the Bolivian border. A wonderful song came on, not quite like anything I had ever heard, so I quickly asked the waiter what it was. It turned out to be a track from Lagrimas Negras, and a moment later the cafe owner came smiling to our table with the CD case and told us it was her favorite music. I bought my own copy right after we got back to the States and it stayed in heavy rotation for months. So sorry to hear of Bebo's passing. When I hear his music I think of chocolate and coffee and warm smiles in far away places.
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I have raved about his collaboration with Cigala to many people, and even knowing his work there I know I've barely scratched the surface. Some day I may find a way to honor Bebo Valdes in my own music but until then...

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