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The Beach Boys, "Sunflower"
September 1, 2013 11:35 PM   Subscribe

In February 2008, Josh Hoisington started a blog on the Beach Boys' 1970 album Sunflower, analyzing the recording session notes and the recordings. Unfortunately he stopped at the end of side one, so the blog is incomplete; but what's there is quite interesting - if you're interested in that particular album.

  1. Slip On Through
  2. This Whole World
  3. Add Some Music To Your Day
  4. Got To Know The Woman
  5. Deidre
  6. It's About Time
posted by paleyellowwithorange (2 comments total) 11 users marked this as a favorite

This is fascinating if you know, particularly, a bit about recording. Thanks for the post. I only wish the guy had chosen "Pet Sounds" or "Surf's Up'. That would be even more amazing.
posted by Seekerofsplendor at 12:12 PM on September 2, 2013 [1 favorite]

On the other hand, plenty's been written about the Pet Sounds sessions. It's nice to see the relatively under-represented (and exquisitely-produced) Sunflower get a bit of attention.
posted by paleyellowwithorange at 5:05 PM on September 2, 2013

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