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“It gives me such a sense of peace to draw..."
November 7, 2013 3:17 PM   Subscribe

Sylvia Plath’s Unseen Drawings, Edited by Her Daughter and Illuminated in Her Private Letters
posted by brundlefly (4 comments total) 22 users marked this as a favorite

I really like them, particularly the houses. Strong, bold lines.
posted by misterbee at 5:22 PM on November 7, 2013 [1 favorite]

It would be interesting to see a progression of her drawings.
posted by BlueHorse at 5:50 PM on November 7, 2013

I feel for her daughter. After Nicholas killed himself, she's the only one left. What a dark amazing legacy.
posted by sweetkid at 7:08 PM on November 7, 2013 [2 favorites]

Of course she draws well, too. I'm not sure if I'm feeling motivated or extra inferior now.
posted by GrapeApiary at 4:35 AM on November 8, 2013

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