Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
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Live action Peanuts Christmas dance (SLYT)
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First thought: I didn't know anyone did flash mobs any more.
Second thought: this would probably have been better as a split-screen with the actual animation so you could see what each dancer was doing better.
Third thought: okay, the giant costumed Snoopy just didn't work.
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came to see the live-action version of the orange-shirt-boy-knee-knocking dance, left a little bit no-so-impressed.
Also, I would have liked to have seen this in a school auditorium for maximum artistic effect rather than in the street, where it will just get archived as yet another flash-mob-type thingamagig.

that being said, the animated version is truly a treasure!

A+ for effort though
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This entire thing feels a little halfhearted. They couldn't find anyone that could do decent 5 and Shermy dances? Come on! I've been practicing The Marionette for like, twenty years. Tap out and let me in.
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I hope that guy in the orange shirt regrets his poor footwork on his deathbed
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Tough crowd. This made me smile.

Serious question, though: Given how all of those "Let's Play" videos have been taken down by the automatic copyright bot, how did this make it through with that music?
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We used to do this in high school, because there was a guy who could play the music on the piano.
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Again props to Mefi. The only reason to watch was to see the orange shirt guy do the dance and of all the imitated moves that was the biggest fail. Why is that dance so hypnotic? I remember years ago my wife slyly confessing that she only watched him in that scene and I was all ME TOO!
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Those girls in pink were doing that extremely simple dance incorrectly. I couldn't watch the entire video.
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Xander did it better.
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Yeah, the cartoon is joyful and awesome, but people doing it--at least, THESE people doing it--is just disturbing...
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A friend of mine had a November wedding and had a jazz trio for the music. As the evening progressed and alcohol consumption reached its peak, my wife pressed me to request "that Charlie Brown song". I went to the pianist and asked her if they knew it. She responded by pounding out the main riff, with a huge smile on her face. Two songs later they launched into it, all smiling like kids in front of the tree. The dance floor was PACKED with people, all trying to do their best approximation of Shermy, or Lucy, or whoever. The bride dragged her husband on the floor. It was glorious chaos.
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Luckily, this didn't happen in my house as the kids have been brain trained early….

The Onion News In Brief: Parents mad 6 Year Old Didn't Like Peanuts Special
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The women were extremely fetching.

However, I am suspicious that this may be some sort of Sprint viral campaign.
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The women were extremely fetching.

Yeah, fetching the newspaper, fetching my slippers, fetching a ball...

I kid, I kid.
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Doesn't canon mean anything to these people?
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Would've liked it better if they had used Hey Ya.
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No dirt emanating from Pig Pen.

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ugh. could have been so much better.

once again, Kids in the Hall ftw (their exit is the best!)
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I love this Vince Guaraldi tune more than most pieces of music - it just hits me in that happy place - but the boy in the orange sweater didn't put enough shoulder into it.
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omg #MeFiScrooges. I laughed when a certain dog appeared.

[And needed the lolz cos I am very tired, still @ work & have a lot to do outta here.]
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Would've liked it better if they had used Hey Ya
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Ha! My daughter's first exposure to this song was watching this mashup and she still to this day calls Hey Ya "that Peanuts song."
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This is so bad...

...and I don't know why I was so excited to see it.
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Not authentic unless Pigpen has some sort of smoke generator concealed on his person.

This version is fun.
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In high school, during band practice (insert an uptalk here, so it sounds right), my friend Amy K. the cymbal player would do the Peanuts Christmas dance on command. She did the dance that the girl in the purple dress does, bopping her head from side to side. (Not Freida with the naturally curly hair -- the other girl in the purple dress.) She'd do the dance any time we requested it, when we needed some distraction, and she always had the sweetest, most beatific smile on her face when she did it.

Amy K. died during a C-section 7 or 8 years ago. Her daughter survived.

I hope her daughter sees this and it gives her joy, because it gave us much joy when Amy K. did it out on the football field.

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The cellist has perfect arm action, though!
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