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The hobbit — an unexpected deficiency
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Vitamin D has been proposed to have beneficial effects in a wide range of contexts. We investigate the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency, caused by both aversion to sunlight and unwholesome diet, could also be a significant contributor to the triumph of good over evil in fantasy literature.
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But.... but.... Underdark.
This doesn't address Underdark.
posted by Mezentian at 8:40 PM on December 21, 2013

Competing Interests:
We declare that we have no conflicts of interest relating to this work, though Nicholas Hopkinson quite liked Game of thrones on the telly and Joseph Hopkinson has read all of the books.

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In which I fantasize openly about Chris Tucker as Frodo and Sam Jackson as Samwise, and you all KNOW it would have been a better, deeper movie.
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Gollum had a terrible diet. He didn't even know what taters were.

Come to think of it, for a long time, neither did we.
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Golem was toes paleo, dude was ripped.
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What about correlation and causation, internet

What the hell people
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Ents. Vitamin D to the max.
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maybe correlation his highly correlated with causation
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The latest science seems, in fact, to say that Vitamin D deficiency is more likely an effect than a cause of disease. See here.
posted by spitbull at 1:40 AM on December 22, 2013

It is true that once your species retreats into the Underdark you get stronger, but this doesn't mean vitamin D isn't required. Like the Great Goblin, successful Underdark-adapted species must find other ways to get their vitamin D.

Drow eat the organ meats of surface dwellers. Svirfneblin eat blind (oily?) fish. Kuo-toa are oily fish.
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youre d&d
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I say let your orcs and elves be as gay as they want.
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haha drezen told you, young_son

ya been tol
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