Party (and schedule appointments) like you're Stan Lee and it's 1975
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If you haven't hung your calendars for 2014 yet, why not take advantage of repeating dates and use the 1975 Mighty Marvel Calendar -- featuring important milestones like Sal Buscema's birthday, the exact moment fans started protesting Dr. Strange's first costume change, and all the Doctor Doom appearances a mortal mind can handle?
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I will say that using these as desktop wallpapers, although gorgeous, will make your eyes hurt after a few minutes.


dammit, Spiderman.
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Also, if you keep on looking at the faces on the calendar, you start to slowly go mad.
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Or, you turn into a supervillian
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I never knew that about repeating calendars!
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Nothing on my birthday! Bummer. Although it could have been worse, I could have got Rick Jones.
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Oh. My. God. I owned this, but the memory was stolen by Magneto or something.... you have restored my memory!
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Um, sorry, I would, but I got this totally sweet 1986 Boris Vallejo calendar hanging right now, and there's no room for anything but man chunks, smooth ladies, and rad dragon things.
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Those teeth! THOSE TEETH!
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My birthday has Son of Satan on it.

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Calendar hoarders everywhere can rejoice.
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Looking at December, I'm a little disappointed to see that my birthday's set aside for a Rick Jones replacement... but that disappointment is more than offset by the thing earlier in the month where they say that General Thunderbolt Ross' favorite photo is of a mushroom cloud.
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See, kids? The X-Men weren't always popular! Why, there's nary a Wolverine in sight!
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I share my birthday with BIG JOHN BUSCEMA, I hadn't heard of him but he had quite a long career at Marvel.
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See, kids? The X-Men weren't always popular! Why, there's nary a Wolverine in sight!

One of my favorite things about this is that Luke Cage gets a month to himself but there's not a mention of mutants. Bronze Age!
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the repeating dates link is great for knowing which year i should save my 2013 Hark a Vagrant Calendar for (2019) but apropo of the FPP link to the 1975 calendar, is there an easy way to work backwards?
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also: Where can i buy one of these for my dad?
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"Diamond Back - He rattles then he strikes!" Birthday. Cool! THANX!
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If anyone can explain November 12 to me I will be very grateful.
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Meet Ivan Petrovitch, a friend and guardian of the Black Widow and chauffeur for her and Daredevil when they were an item.
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Wikipedia says:

"Ivan the Terrible (comics), the powerful Pakhan of the Russian mafia in Marvel Comics"

EDIT: Curse you, Holy Zarquon!
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Ooh! The Hulk and I share a bday.

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I was born in 1974, you know.
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A reminder of how gorgeous and out-of-time BWS's Conan work was. The etheral strangeness of it sublimated out of its cheaply printed pages to alter and warp those who read it, ultimately destroying them. No, srsly.
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All the comic fans in my building will be receiving a nice wirebound copy of this. With a note pointing out not to use it for booking Easter holidays
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For comparison, two more scans: February 1980 and May 1985.

rebent: also: Where can i buy one of these for my dad?

Well, here's a tribute/revival of the 1970s format/theme for 2013, and you could possibly talk to the artist about getting a print of it.
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I was born in 1974, you know.

1975. Never let me type anything before coffee.
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Perhaps you'd rather a 1986 Release Mandela Campaign calendar? It's also currently accurate.
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Yes, I do remember Xemnu The Living Titan (February 3), Yandroth damnit. Why do people keep asking me that?
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Also from February:
Doctor Strange tries on his new costume: Feb 27
Fans complain about Doctor Strange's new costume: Feb 28.

Nothing much changes, does it?

Of course in those days you'd have to take ink to paper, and mail off your nerd rage.
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"CHAINS, once a symbol of SLAVERY now a symbol of POWER, MAN!"

So that's okay then.
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Don't fuck with Luke Cage, man. Also if you owe him money, pay up.
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Doom is not a deadbeat.
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Not if he knows what's good for him.
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For those not in the know...

(no attempt should be made to take inflation into account for proper enjoyment of this story)
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