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Who are you again?
January 3, 2014 7:09 PM   Subscribe

Somebody I Used To Know- Puppet Dub

Original (for the two people who haven't seen it).
posted by cjorgensen (16 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

I want to see one with rabbits so that it can be called Somebunny that I Used to Know.
posted by SpacemanStix at 7:17 PM on January 3 [7 favorites]

It was worth it for the last three seconds.
posted by jb at 7:18 PM on January 3

I figure there's a 50/50 chance this video survives, but it made me smile.
posted by cjorgensen at 7:35 PM on January 3

I hadn't seen the original, but was trying to figure out why it was soooo familiar. Fortunately, the related video links had me covered. I remember it from the Starwars version.
posted by Lafe at 7:35 PM on January 3 [1 favorite]

Heh, the Starwars one that pops up as related is pretty funny too.
posted by Wretch729 at 8:12 PM on January 3

It seems to be the original audio but with puppets. Well executed but it's been done before.
posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow at 10:20 PM on January 3 [2 favorites]

I am one of the two people who had not seen it! My girlfriend and I just watched the original and the puppet dub. Neat! Thanks for posting it.
posted by mlis at 10:35 PM on January 3 [1 favorite]

Of the three, I prefer the Bad Lip Reading version: Kicked Your Monkey
posted by rifflesby at 12:05 AM on January 4 [2 favorites]

I'd never seen or heard the original, thanks.
posted by evil_esto at 12:18 AM on January 4

Also hadn't seen or heard of the original but am enjoying all the versions.
posted by nat at 3:31 AM on January 4

This is a fun version with some nice guitar work.
posted by HappyHippo at 5:12 AM on January 4 [1 favorite]

I was blown away and charmed by Gotye's remix of fan versions of the song, which was also the subject of a post a while back.
posted by hippybear at 7:56 AM on January 4 [7 favorites]

I'd missed that one, hippybear, and wow, do I love it. Thanks!

The OP I was a bit eh on until the "Kimbra" reveal. That cracked me right up. Excellent choice of puppet.
posted by EvaDestruction at 11:39 AM on January 4

and for another layer: a parody of the one guitar cover.
posted by jb at 2:09 PM on January 4 [2 favorites]

Thanks guys, you made my day with the additional links. Mostly I am just a sucker for puppets.
posted by cjorgensen at 2:51 PM on January 4

Am I the only one bugged by the fact they used the wrong side of the body in the puppet version? I get why they had to do it, with the puppeteer probably being right-handed, but couldn't they have mirrored the video?

Also; Props to the star wars version, and I'm really glad to see Erock in the remix of all the fan versions. \m/
posted by Canageek at 2:55 PM on January 4

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