A Very Doggy Christmas
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Documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark (homepage, wikipedia) invites all the good dogs to her annual party, dresses them up in costumes, and photographs them. "The strange thing is that the dogs seem to realize it’s their party. They ignore the humans."

And here's more of her work with animals.
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You can tell some of those dogs feel like dorks in those get-ups.

My cats would never let me get away with that...
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I love both photo sets. (Especially the giraffe and the elephant following in the second set.) Thank you for sharing!
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Did you mean "dogumentary photographer"?
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They ignore the humans.

Hey, if I was at a party full of interesting PEOPLE I'd be ignoring the dogs. So turn-about's fair play and all that, right?
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A lot of those dogs look pretty nonplussed about the whole situation.
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This is absolutely wonderful.

And this is the same Mary Ellen Mark who took one of the most devastating photos I have ever seen, this picture of the Damm family. It just guts me every time I look at it (we have a print in the collection.) It doesn't help knowing that it didn't get better for them.
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Wow, that article about the Damm family ruined my whole day and it's only 930am. What a terrible fucking mess.
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Beagles are my favourite too. Great photos.
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Oh my god, that article about the Damm family. Kind of wish I saved the cute dog photos for after reading that...
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Whoa. I say, read about the dogs, and perhaps save the links I posted for later - it's heavy stuff and this started out with dogs in costumes, who look vaguely put out in the photos but were probably having a great time with their dog buddies when they got scooped up for Art Time. I didn't mean to plunge us into the abyss.
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Crissy Damm is the same age as me. I wonder what happened to her after the followup article. Thank god there are also pictures of pups in this same FPP.
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Jesus, that one with the giant fucking George Bush head is going to haunt my nightmares for a long fucking time. Way to make something cute horrific, Ms. Mark!
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