"We're here tonight to honor Tom Hanks..."
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Big's not really a comedy.

I wonder if maybe they had Bosom Buddies in there and it got the chop because one simply does not mention Bosom Buddies.
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Hanks is pretty laid back about Bosom Buddies, Turner & Hooch, and the like. He talks about that kind of stuff on his Nerdist interview.
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Martin's speech for Paul Simon's Kennedy Center Honor in 2002 is even funnier.
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"You know, a lot of people come to me and they say, "Steve, how can you be so fucking funny?" There's a secret to it, it's no big deal. Before I go out, I put a slice of bologna in each of my shoes. So when I'm on stage, I feel funny."

Steve Martin is a genius - busy and uneven. Half of his work I wish he hadn't done, the other half I wish he'd do more of.
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got a condo made of stone-uh

this must have been really funny but i wasn't allowed to stay up late enough to see it.
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He's always been a funny dude, and has sailed into his golden years with a lot of class and grace. OK who here loved LA Story, despite it being what it was?
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Steve Martin's turn on The Muppet Show is one of the strangest they've done, and that includes the terrific ones they did with John Cleese (which he co-wrote and where he plays straightman to the whole horde of them), Spike Milligan (where he upstages the whole lot of them -- !) and Dudley Moore (where he directly participates in the B-plot of the episode).

The premise is, the show for the evening has been cancelled. Kermit's taking the opportunity to audition new acts, he invites the audience to stick around and watch if they want. As a result, it's the only episode of the Muppet Show with no laugh track. The laughing you hear is the Muppet Show staff reacting to what they see. And it's got several bits of classic Steve Martin, one of the most brilliant comedians ever seen.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
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Steve Martin's turn on The Muppet Show is one of the strangest they've done

AV Club agrees
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A few weeks ago I found A Wild and Crazy Guy and Let's Get Small on vinyl at my local record store for 3 bucks each. Best thing that's happened to me in months.
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OK who here loved LA Story, despite it being what it was?

Loved LA Story. Own two copies on DVD. What is this "despite" you speak of?

The only criticism I could come up with is that it's sort of a vanity project because it's a love letter to his then-wife Victoria Tennant. But it's such a great love letter! And it's really quite a serious examination of the foibles we all convince ourselves of. That first line shines down through the movie: "Let us just say I was deeply unhappy, but I didn't know it because I was so happy all the time."
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The problem with Steve Martin is that he allowed all this crap about comedy and standup and acting and being in plays and writing novels to deny the world - for decades, mind you - a damn fine bluegrass banjo picker.
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Watching L.A. Story feels very different to me now, because it is a love the woman he later divorced. I wonder how Martin feels when he watches it now?
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OK who here loved LA Story, despite it being what it was?

I'm a Bowfinger man, myself.
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The Jerk is all that need be known to cement Steve Martin's genius status.
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I genuinely love Shopgirl. And his standup albums should be encased in gold and shot into space.
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L.A. Story is pure genius: funny, romantic, and downright poignant.

My two favorite scenes: posted by zooropa at 4:08 PM on January 9 [3 favorites]

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