All around me are familiar faces
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clmtrackr is a novel javascript library allowing realtime face detection, fitting and tracking within a browser. The demo applications (which recommend Chrome, although other recent browsers also appear to work) will accept input from your webcam if available, and include facial tracking, emotion detection (requires webcam input) and the creepier face substitution and masking. [via]

The face substitution demo is inspired by similar work by Kyle McDonald and Arturo Castro, featured previously (1, 2) on MetaFilter.
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Yowsers. Didn't think this tech could be this freely available.
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seems thrown off by my glasses. Too bad. I think it works if I take them off but... the screen is really fuzzy so I can't tell. Anyway, neat. Soon all software will be javascript it seems.
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Was this written natively in JavaScript, or compiled to JavaScript from another language?
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Man, that is creepy as hell. One of the buildings I regularly walked through at college more than a decade ago had a crude face-tracker on display--a camera pointed at the hall and highlighted all the faces it saw on a nearby monitor--but this is something else entirely. I really love it.
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There's always CV Dazzle for cyberpunks willing to trade higher human-noticeability for lower machine-noticeability.
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jsturgill: "Was this written natively in JavaScript, or compiled to JavaScript from another language?"

It seems to have been written in JS, since the code looks person- and not compiler-authored, the heavy number-crunching bits notwithstanding.
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Face averaging is maybe my favorite thing ever now.
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Thanks, figurant. This is amazing. I do not need more stuff to do, but now I want to work this into something.
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The face substitution is quite scary. I could only get it to work for a few seconds at a time, and then it would jump about and miss my face - I think there's not enough light in my room (and my webcam's crap).
Soon all software will be javascript it seems.
I hope not. Javascript is horrible.
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I'm pretty sure the emotion detection just accused me of having bitchy resting face.
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Substitute selfie! This is neat as hell.
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I thought this was going to be about the creepy Nametag app featured on BoingBoing. DO NOT WANT.

A new mobile app called "Nametag" adds facial recognition to phone photos; take a pic of someone and feed it to the app and the app will search Facebook, Twitter, sex offender registries and (if you'd like) dating sites to try and put a name to the face. Kevin Alan Tussy, speaking for Facialnetwork (who make Nametag) promises that this won't be a privacy problem, because "it's about connecting people that want to be connected."
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As a person who cannot remember names Nametag tied to a real-time Google Glasses type interface would be life changing. Work is a constant mine-field of needing to ask someone a question, someone I've known and talked to for months, and not having a clue how what their actual name is. Family reunions are a nightmare.

I do wonder what face substitution tech will mean for video surveillance as court evidence. This is clunky sure, but it's a) real-time, and b) Javascript running in your browser! CGI is already good enough that the vast majority of it is not noticed in film anymore, how soon before you can just replace an actor's face altogether? Not those goofy dead celebrities dancing with a vacuum, but convincingly resurrecting Bogart or circa 1980 Tom Cruise.
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I have lots and lots of pictures drawn by my students (6-8 year olds) on the wall behind me, and it's interesting to see what the program chooses to replace when there's no actual face in view... there are lots of drawings of me, but the go-to picture seems to be a Minecraft creeper, which looks pretty funny with justin bieber's face.

Now it's choosing a plastic porcupine fish I have on the table behind me. OK, Abstract(scream) is pretty disturbing.
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JS is horrible, he said using an interface written in JS.
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Substitute selfie! This is neat as hell.

You, or someone else, will be hailed as a literal prophet.
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It doesn't like my beard.
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My beard also appears to thwart the face-replacement robot. You'd think it would be hipster-friendly.
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