Volcanic Lightning in a lab
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Scientists make volcanic lightning in a laboratory "A team of researchers at Germany’s Ludwig Maximilian University led by Corrado Cimarelli built an experiment that allowed them to study the conditions that trigger lightning at the base of the eruption plume."
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Why I love my science!
posted by Alexandra Kitty at 6:38 PM on January 9

And here I thought using volcanic dust to produce a swirling black column of ash and lighting was purely in the domain of wizardry.

Well done, science! You'll catch up yet.
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In a follow up report the leading researcher added "Buwahahaha-AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
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seems like this could be the killer app we are all looking for if we could just figure out how to make a real live volcano.
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seems like this could be the killer app we are all looking for if we could just figure out how to make a real live volcano.

When I was a kid, I poured orange juice in the tv while it was on. It exploded, but so did my mom -- but it still was a victory for my first scientific experiment -- and I had no app for that back in the day...
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I seem to recall that the idea that there was lightning associated with volcanic eruptions was considered controversial a few years ago. Am I misremembering?
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Preeeettttty sure that if I was involved in this experiment, I would have started cackling wildly and proclaiming things like "And now all the powers of Zeus are within my grasp! Bow to me peons, I am like unto a GOD."
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I'm going to keep my eye on #overlyhonestmethods over the next few days for any mention of "doomsday machine" or "world domination."
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Great; now Germany has leapt to the forefront of volcanic lightning research. THANKS A LOT GOVERNOR JINDAL!
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The lightning in the Mt St Helens ash cloud May 18, 1980 was neon colored--green, purple, orange--and perfectly silent. Definitely completed the eerie effect of pitch blackness at noon, showering sand, and sulfur smell.
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