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30 three-minute films
January 10, 2014 11:26 PM   Subscribe

Thirty directors--Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney, and others--create three minute short films about an innovator or world-changing idea. Warning: corporate sponsorship.
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A lovely share -- thanks for the link...
posted by Alexandra Kitty at 8:45 AM on January 11

My various privacy plugins are keeping the individual pages from functioning, but once you know what video you're looking for you can find it on Vimeo's regular site.

I love how the one about autotune basically hammers in repeatedly that it's everywhere, offers at least one opinion that it's there even -- perhaps especially -- when you don't hear it, and then at the end they have this disclaimer "Nothing contained herein should be construed to imply that any particular artist uses Auto-Tune." Snort. Maybe not but I think the takeaway is probably "if you don't know for a fact that they don't, assume they do."
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Ha, they have one on Jack Andraka that literally compares him to Einstein.
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