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A biopic about Frank Sidebottom starring... Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Fassbender.

The world goes:
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I had never heard of Frank Sidebottom until just this very moment.

Someone is gonna get fired, I tell you what.
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Hang on — which Sidebottom came first?
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Huh. Never mind. Apparently it's a surname for real people and not just for Fraggles' imaginary friends and/or fun-loving alter egos.
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Some supplementary materials: posted by Going To Maine at 10:31 AM on January 12

I love Metafilter for bringing me things from the UK that never made it over to this side of the Atlantic.
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So.... who are The Residents?
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And Timperley hasn't forgotten its most famous son.
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> Nothing makes a young man feel more alive and on an adventure than speeding down a motorway at 2am next to a man wearing a big fake head.

I have never truly lived.
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Though I had no clue as to Jon Ronson's involvement, I know I've seen Frank somewhere before - a fever dream, maybe? Whatever the case, I feel like any questions I had left about British music were tidily answered by watching the clip with Hit the North.
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I have always loved Frank. I assume Fassbender will not be directed by Steve McQueen in this instance.

But is this more or less surreal than the fact that Rentaghost might well be getting remade by Ben Stiller?
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In a world gone mad Chiwetel Ejiofor is....

Purple Aki
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I'm displeased by Frank's head remodel. He was my 12 year old self's fave character in Oink! comic and I never quite got over him being 3d in the first place, so I'm doubly skeeved by the Hollywood version...

Witness the 2d glory:
Frank is rubbish at computers
Little Frank is not amused
Dressing up for little Denise.
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There's also a 2006 article by Jon Ronson on his Frank Sidebottom experience. You can see that he does like to plagiarize himself a bit.
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Rentaghost might well be getting remade by Ben Stiller

OK, I googled that to see if it was true, and apparently so. What with that and the remake of The Tomorrow People, I'm nervous about what might be next. I think Martin Freeman would make a very good Mr Benn, though. Possibly Tim Burton could reimagine Oliver in the Overworld.

(If you remember that last one, you get copious points. For oldness, if nothing else.)
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There's also a 2006 article by Jon Ronson on his Frank Sidebottom experience. You can see that he does like to plagiarize himself a bit.

Sorta, I guess? The footer notes that This is an edited extract from Frank: The True Story that Inspired the Movie. So this is part of a larger piece, and in the excerpt he makes reference to that 2006 article:
He was wondering if I'd write something about my time in the band to help him with the comeback. My story was published in the Guardian.

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That stalwart of early 90s UK college life. RIP Chris Sievey
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Was just watching Pingu with my daughter as I read this. What a strange interconnected world.

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freya_lamb - I know what you mean but,
Because it's a fictional character inspired by frank RT @MrIanWatson: @jonronson Why are the eyes on the movie Frank not round?— jonronson (@jonronson) January 12, 2014

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Frank Sidebottom freaked me out as a child/early teen, and I hadn't thought about him for years. Now, yep, those huge sightless staring eyes still freak me out. I'm probably going to have nightmares.
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I was just in TImperley yesterday. Still not gotten round to see the statue, sadly.
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One thing that should also be mentioned -- Chris' earlier band, The Freshies, were amazingly good. Their biggest hit.
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So, a character that makes Nash the Slash look mainstream and popular. So...was his music any good?
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So...was his music any good?

Frank's genius was beyond simplistic concepts like 'good'
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Or Music
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That strange but harmless thing, when the author of the piece in the FPP is tweeting the comments in the thread.
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I feel like any remake is now possible...Idris Elba as Zippy, Alan Rickman as Basil Brush, James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston as the Chuckle Brothers...we're basically through the looking glass here.
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You know it is, it really is...
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Idris Elba as Zippy

Yes please.
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Regrettably, rumours that Peter Dinklage plays Little Frank turn out not to be true.
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Frank Sidebottom used to appear on Number 73, the children's Saturday morning TV show that I grew up with. With that and the other random shite I watched as a child it's no wonder I ended up like this. Frank ruled.
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Hi, Jon! Just been reading Out of the Ordinary. That is some funny stuff!

As well as a bit more, obviously.
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I saw Frank while working the bar at the Manchester Comedy Festival in the early nineties. Obviously I knew the face but I'd never experienced the full force of a Frank show. At one point he led the entire audience of 2-3 hundred – every one of them – out of the front door of the marquee, round the back, under the raised floor on their knees, and back up through a trap door on the stage that he'd discovered a few minutes earlier – he was immense.
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My wife has just discovered Frank Sidebottom, and has declared him Osaka-style comedy. Make of that what you will.
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I've never understood the appeal of Frank Sidebottom, and now a film? Confused.
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Clip from Frank... looks bobbins (well it could be great, but judging from this, it's not 'our' Frank)
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