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Need to relax? Do yoga? Get a Chihuahua
January 13, 2014 11:39 AM   Subscribe

Stressed out? Do yoga with Pancho the Chihuahua
posted by Wolfster (13 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite

I think you mean Pancho.
posted by ooga_booga at 11:48 AM on January 13

Don't forget yoga with cats and cat yoga
posted by jeffburdges at 11:55 AM on January 13 [2 favorites]

So soothing. I need me a Pancho!

and a Nic too, please. it would be a shame to separate them...
posted by billiebee at 12:04 PM on January 13 [3 favorites]

Something was done to that Chihuahua, above and beyond the natural calmness that comes with Yoga, to make it behave in that thoroughly un-Chihuahua-like fashion. All the Chihuahuas I have ever met have been quivering bouncing balls of anxious energy. To see one sitting still for that long while awake was unsettling.
posted by BigLankyBastard at 12:23 PM on January 13

downward dog.
posted by 0 answers at 12:36 PM on January 13

Maybe chihuahuas are just scared of you because you're a big lanky bastard? The vast majority of the chihuahuas I've met have been chill as fuck. Little Pancho here is just awesome.

Maybe you're confusing them with terriers.
posted by phunniemee at 12:37 PM on January 13

Jeffburdges, I read your comment in Troy McClure's voice.
posted by 0 answers at 12:53 PM on January 13 [2 favorites]

Nic has pretty terrible form.
posted by 0 at 1:12 PM on January 13

Nic has pretty terrible form

I beg to differ
posted by billiebee at 1:25 PM on January 13 [6 favorites]

I would like to see Pancho do Pilates.
posted by moonmilk at 1:51 PM on January 13

My chihuahua could learn a lot from Pancho. I'm sure I could learn a lot from Nic. I'd be willing to try, anyway. You know, for the dog's sake.
posted by headnsouth at 2:02 PM on January 13 [1 favorite]

After binge-watching Cesar Millan, Pancho yoga is just what I needed--instant patient submission!
posted by Anitanola at 4:25 PM on January 13

I want to do yoga with them! That totally made my day.
posted by Fig at 4:50 PM on January 13

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