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Bonus [adult swim] Promo Videos
Aqua Teen Hunger Force [1:01]
Eagleheart [1:02]
Rick & Morty [1:23]
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Killer Mike has pretty much become my favorite person on the planet since I first heard RAP Music a year and a half ago. And he keeps popping up everywhere. For no real reason that I can discern, he just released a new video off that 2012 album a couple days ago - Ghetto Gospel.
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Can't watch tellie for five seconds without seeing that gibbering hooligan...
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I saw Run the Jewels with Kool A.D. and Despot when they were on tour and it was really great, I had a ton of fun.
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He also voiced a character on Frisky Dingo, the previous show from Adam Reed and Matt Thompson (currently of Archer fame).
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Killer Mike was also Taqu'il on Frisky Dingo.

If you like archer, you should watch Frisky Dingo.
Its the fucking Ulysses of the adult swim format.
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I caught Killer Mike and El-P this past summer during the Run the Jewels tour (with bad ass Mr. MFN eXquire) and he made me remember why I love hip hop. In addition to having killer mic skills and a penchant for referencing my favorite spot in ATL (Magic City, son), he's just a great, great dude. We need much, much more Killer Mike and much, much less Kanye/Jay-Z.
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I think we need both.
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"Reagan" by Killer Mike; one of his best.
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Well those were some nice videos.
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Killer Mike and El-P chat about wrestlers, God, camping and puppy love.
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I've already made one FPP today, so I feel weird making another, so this video for dancehall artist Busy Signal's 'All in One,' where he rhymes over '90s hip-hop instrumentals and hangs out with Ugandan bikers? I'll just leave it here (via LargeUp).
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I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II is an amazing album. Killer Mike is great. Lately he gets lots of props for the work he did with El-P, but his earlier work where he blends social conscious lines with coke rap is kinda awesome.
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No love for Sealab 2021?

Shanks: Oh--I forgot to mention: Happy Funtime Island is home to the world's largest population of tree cobras.
Quinn: Happy Funtime?! Who the hell named this place?!
Shanks: ...Rambo.
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