A robot leads the way at the Department of Automatics
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Friendly Robots of the Soviet Union: Even robots like to drink in Soviet Russia: a babushka hands this futuristic-looking robot from Kaliningrad what looks to be a pint of beer in 1969.
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Keep your flying cars! I will take the endless friendly robots of the Universal Proletariat!
posted by GenjiandProust at 4:13 PM on January 21

To hell with the robots. I want to pull a wagon with a computer on it in an East German parade.
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Damn, I would love to have one of those Agat 4 personal computers.
posted by Scientist at 7:02 PM on January 21

Scientist: "Damn, I would love to have one of those Agat 4 personal computers."

You and me both. Forget Apple - THAT is a sexy computer. Kinda makes me unhappy with my inability to casemod well.
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I am left to wonder about the Soviet iPhone that might have been...
posted by mazola at 9:26 PM on January 21

In Soviet Union, phone touch you!
posted by the quidnunc kid at 1:11 AM on January 22

That orange computer is the coolest.
posted by PHINC at 8:22 AM on January 22

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