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Animal Communication: What do we know ?
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A recent workshop on Analyzing Animal Vocal Sequences provided some illuminating views of what we know and what we don't know about animal communication. In particular one notes the increased use of Machine Learning algorithms that are currently used to make sense of human interactions on the web. Talks at the workshop included:Unraveling dolphin communication complexity, Singing isn't just for the birds, Automated identification of bird individuals using machine learning, A receiver's perspective on analyzing animal vocal sequences, Animal communication sequence analysis using information theory, Machine learning for the classification of animal vocalizations and Information theoretic principles of human language and animal behavior
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Stridulation Sounds of Black Fire Ants (Solenopsis richteri) in Different Situations – sample recordings by Dr. Robert Hickling, co-author of Analysis of acoustic communication by ants (2000). Let THEM! be heard!
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...been playin' since they's babies, too. Ant Sounds Let Even Developing Insects Communicate With Each Other – ant pupae 'cry' to get adult attention.
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Love me some signal processing. Thanks.
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Thanks for reposting this, IgorCarron.
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ant pupae 'cry' to get adult attention.

Finally, proof of the effectiveness of Ant Music.
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Well, that chorus is stuck my head for the rest of the weekend. Thanks, Whelk.
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my cat barfs about once a week. i want to be able to tell her to barf on the linoleum instead of the rug. when this technology matures to that point, please let me know.
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As I read this, my little Quaker parrot is running up and down my arm, asking for a kiss, and then delivering a juicy raspberry against my cheek. So there's that data.
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I'm guessing that when we find out what the animals have been saying all along, some of us will feel quite distressed.

But, then, we can shrug that off too. Or, as science says, "adapt". And a new group of denialists will fester.
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I will be excited when I can get my dog a translation collar like in the movie Up.
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or the baby translator from the Simpsons.

"I have soiled myself. How embarrassing."
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