The Little Engine That Could Be Yours
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A $3.5 million estate for sale in Sherwood Oregon, outside of Portland, comes complete with almost 20 acres of land, a media room, a home gym--and its own miniature railroad.
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Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but teach a man to use a metal lathe and he'll always be down in the basement and mostly not bother you again.
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What is wrong with me that I saw "$3.5 million for a house with a miniature railway," and I thought, "that sounds reasonable."
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My dream home is probably more like a remodeled railroad car, but as this place has a trestle bridge, it is now a very close second.
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Tunnel. Of course it has a tunnel.

(Brb, finding my cheque book)
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My 9 yo, who's been against moving anywhere, now says that she'll happily pull up roots and move to the US for this.
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For some reason this post made me think of The Boxcar Children, but with model trains.
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Who knows where it goes, but it doesn't come back for 45 minutes. Once it had snow on it.
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Oh my god that trestle. Timeshare anyone?
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Is he dead or just moving to somewhere he can build a monorail and dirigibles?
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Who knows where it goes, but it doesn't come back for 45 minutes. Once it had snow on it.

The guy's just another ice giant trying to sucker someone into buying a "miniature" railroad.
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I want my own personal monorail...

Could it take me from my bed to my kitchen?

That type of monorail would be the best type of all.
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Googling for jobs in Portland right now!

Of course, I've heard that upkeep on a pool is expensive. I can only imagine what this would cost on a yearly basis. Termite treatments alone could be more than the house payment.
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A classmate of mine when I was a kid lived in a house whose property had a railway like this (sadly, no trestle or tunnel). I don't rememeber it running too often, a combination of upkeep and needing his dad (a doctor who always seemed to be working) around to operate the train being the main culprits. Still, we all thought it was cool and that Andy had somehow hit the jackpot of life by having one of these.
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A good friend of mine is building one of those trains from scratch. I'm hoping he'll let me build the bridges when he gets some land.
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during middle school, my family lived in the suburbs north of Baltimore. the neighbor across the street had a train similar to this around his property. (it was the slightly larger size you see in parks that was capable of carrying passengers). it went around the house and then over a trussed bridge into the woods and did a loop. it was awesome. he had a huge 4th of July party every year with hourly train rides.
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Walt Disney's backyard, steam-powered Carolwood Pacific Railroad and preserved barn workshop:
In 1950, Walt built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in the backyard of his house in Holmby Hills, California. He named the railroad for the street where he lived: Carolwood Drive. The first run on the Carolwood Pacific Railroad took place on May 7, 1950. The 2,615 feet of track included a 46 foot long trestle and a 90 foot long tunnel under his wife’s flower bed. Amidst the railroad, he had a barn built where he could monitor and remotely control the switches on the track. The barn also served as a workshop and a place for Walt and his friends to relax.
No school like the old school.
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But then where will Ricky Schroeder live?
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned the video was taken by a drone.
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For years, I drove past this house on my way to my percussion lessons. Every once in a while, the train would be running, and all the traffic would slow down to enjoy the spectacle. A couple of times, I could see someone sitting in? on? one of the cars (it is not a full size train). In my memory, the person was sitting astride the locomotive wearing a conductor's hat, but that may be a delusion added by time and warm feelings.
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Wow, that is an amazing little railroad. Does the owner ever give the local kids rides? It seems like the sort of thing that should be shared.

It reminds me of the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad which is a small train in Los Gatos. It started out as something the owner did on his own land for the neighborhood kids before moving to the park.
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Pfft. Please. A toy train? This is Lord McAlpine's estate, aka the Fawley Hill Railway. Note the amount of track. Note how it nestles in the Buckinghamshire countryside in some of the most unbelievably expensive real-estate in the world.

Now that's a train. It will never be yours.
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A little OT, but if I was a realtor, I'd invest a couple hundred dollars in a quadrocopter+GoPro and shoot that kind of footage for every listing I'd get - pillbox or McMansion.
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Do you have to hire your own Fat Controller?
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Michael Jackson would have bought this place in a heartbeat.
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if I was a realtor, I'd invest a couple hundred dollars in a quadrocopter+GoPro and shoot that kind of footage for every listing I'd get

In fact this is one of the top uses of commercial drones right now (in the US anyway). However it is also illegal as there are not federal laws to allow it, the laws are still catching up.
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There was somewhere on the train line between Toronto and Chicago that had an elevated backyard railroad when I traveled that route a decade ago. I remember viewing hunting hides and then suddenly there was elevated mini train tracks running through the woods next to the real train line.
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Judging from the music, this train is powered by world-changing Google whimsy.

note: not hating on wcGw
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Do you have to hire your own Fat Controller?

Don't be gauche. He's called Topham Hatt these days.
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That's Sir Topham Hatt.
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Sadly, my youngest has outgrown Thomas books, which means I no longer get to break out my superb Sir Topham Hatt voice.
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