Sorry, Doctor, No Custard
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So, you have a Creative Agency with the whimsical (or just silly) name "Fishfinger", and you've done work for notable clients like Nike, RedBull, Penguin Books and Hasbro, but you want your agency and your name to go viral. What do you do? You photoshop a bunch of classic movie posters to make 62 Amazing Fishy Films. Yes, The Codfather, Forrest Guppy and the James Bond movie with its namesake are there.

Of course, the true gold standard for fish puns is Kip Adotta's "Wet Dream". Isn't it?
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I like puns and all, but ...

Three God -> Cod jokes? "The Haketrix"?? C'mon!

No, this is how it's done.
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I am taking deep breaths and trying not to get worked up about the crustaceans and cephalopods
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Fishfinger is Sanjay's second company, eh?
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I am taking deep breaths and trying not to get worked up about the crustaceans and cephalopods

Don't forget anemones, whales, turtles, and clams. 48 of the 62 are about actual fish.
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They made that Salmonrai joke twice for different films. I can forgive repeat uses of fish and other sea creatures but they could have gone with fewer repeats of the same pun.

Also the Jason Prawn jokes could have been done for the third one and said "sequel to ..." to get the other two films in. It would have been shorter but finnier.
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What, no Milt?
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Turtle Recall is already a book.
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Did they use this as source material?
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Why all the hake? A lot of these are actually pretty funny (though I don't think I'd pin the future of my creative agency on this project, it's not exactly like haute concepte stuff).
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Don't forget anemones

I'm forgiving that, as "anenome at the gate" is the best one.
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I would have given them extra bonus points for "A Man Called Wanda", too.
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It appears to be a lake trout.

Also, I'm actually amazed that there weren't more misidentified fish.
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It looks like they did this just for the halibut!

What? What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?
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Before I posted this, my mind ran through many others they COULD (or SHOULD) have done:

Gulper Fiction
It's a Flounderful Life
A Clockwork Orange Roughy
Black Swai
12 Monkfish
A Fishful of Dollars (and For a Few Dollars Moray)
Piranhas of the Caribbean
No Country for Old Manta
Koi Story
Des-pickeral Me
Humuhumu-nukunuku-apua'a Alone
Raiders of the Lost Shark
The Shark Knight
The Shadshark Redemption (enough shark for ya?)
Oysters, Inc.
Valley of the Dolphins

and Vin Diesel's inexplicable movie franchise Riddick MUST become Haddock
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The World According to Carp is wonderful.
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I tried to come up with a good one, but the attempt was a whalure

[pause for laughter]

oh, sorry, I messed it up. What I meant was: A whale ate my family's arms. Wait, no, it was a shark. It ate my shark's arms.
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For a second I thought they had Photoshopped the sign in the background of "Fin City" to say "Glub Pecos", but alas.
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For a creative design agency, this isn't very creative... or designy.
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They're trying to corner the lucrative dad-joke market.
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I'm going to have nightmares about Edward Scissorclams - horrifying.
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Okay so I was thinking about this some more and the puns are so weak and the photoshoppery basically does nothing, and I was thinking that maybe they didn't even try, but now I kind of think that this is some kind of pointed satire or something and I'm just not getting it, because otherwise why would someone do all three Bourne movies with the exact same pun, not even in the right order? And all they changed on the art was the text and then they pasted a couple pictures of prawn in random locations?? And they didn't even change Jason Bourne's name to Jason Prawn???
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Definitely not as great as the gorgeous artwork of Ray Troll; themes include but are not limited to Octopi Wall Street, Weapons of Bass Destruction, Careful What You Fish For, and If You Must Smoke, Smoke Salmon.
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The Whaler of Panama?
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No comment on the posters, but. When I was about 15 one of the first CDs I ever bought was a Doctor Demento compilation, and Wet Dream was on it (along with a hell of a lot of other great stuff, Tom Lehrer and Boot to the Head and They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha, and the fish heads song). I remember listening to that whole album obsessively until I could pretty much recite that song. Still my favorite line: "She drank like a... she drank a lot."

Thanks for the memories.

(I still have that CD somewhere. I should dig it out.)
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Shad (1971)
Greater Amberjack City
Porgy and Bass
Whitefish Story
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Taking a fairly lame idea and flogging it to death via pedestrian photoshopping is not my idea of 'creative'. Perhaps that is why they are having to tout for business, they are no good at what they claim to do.
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Perhaps that is why they are having to trout for business, they are no good at what they clam to do.

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I remember hearing a British comedy radio show, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, where they went for the world Fish Joke record. The show was a precursor to Monty Python and the Goodies. I can't find the audio online but it still is the high point of fish puns for me.
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