The Frozen Methane Bubbles of Lake Abraham
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I'm assuming this is a beautiful harbinger of our eventual demise at the hands of mother nature?
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I'm wondering the same thing. I'm reminded of that scene in Alien with all the eggs.
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The earth farts in your general direction.
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I'm assuming this is a beautiful harbinger of our eventual demise at the hands of mother nature?

Nah, just make everyone carry a Zippo and we're good
posted by Hoopo at 12:08 AM on January 31

Spectacularly tiny thumbnails on the mobile site :[
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OMG! Now I SO want to visit a methane rich frozen lake resort in Canada where they let you, for a fee, of course, chuck incendiary hand grenades out onto the frozen lake.

Explosions and fire are about the only things that could make me forget about the cold.

Sure, I'd feel guilty, but it's not like humanity is ever going to stop the petrochemical companies and heavy industry from burning up all the subsurface fossil fuels. Clearly, short term profits are preferable to saving our irreplaceable ecosystem.

Humanity (and many other species) is/are screwed.
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In other methane related news…
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So how long before the US invades Canada in order to spread freedom and protect these assets against unscrupulous exploitation?
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Dude, this is like the worst bubble wrap EVER. (I really want to pop them.)
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This isn't hydrates, it's just good old decaying plants (as the article says), same as swamp gas. Abraham Lake is artificial, flooded in the early 1970s to create a reservoir for the hydroelectric plant at Bighorn dam, so there's lots of dead trees on the bottom.

Lots more pictures here.
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In other methane related news…

No I am not going to pull your finger
posted by Hoopo at 4:13 PM on January 31

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