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The Rocky Ridge Refuge is home to a lot of animals and a lot of interspecies friendship.

More photos at the Facebook page including four puppies inspecting a tortoise.

Rocky Ridge Refuge, previously.

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I'm a little dubious about the "friendship" part. I mean, the capybara is clearly hogging the pool, I think a goat is being shown stomping a dog to death, and, dear heavens, what is that raccoon doing to that dog!?!
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Red rocket! Red rocket!
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It really makes me ask myself "Why am I not also devoting my life to cultivating unlikely animal friendships?".
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This in no way diminished my desire to befriend a capybara. Thanks for the post.
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That raccoon appears to be going above and beyond "interspecies snorgling," if you know what I mean. Still, OMG PUPPEHS AND LIL CHICKS
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You know, just because a dogs looks like its smiling, it doesn't mean that its actually....oh nevermind.
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That wolfhound + baby goat snorgling picture has broken me for the day.

Griphus, my employer will be sending you a bill for the wasted wages.
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There's something about the snow photo that says comeback album cover to me.

Also why capybaras, why are you so awesome. I once thought through the appeal of pets by imagining a person with those characteristics and pondering if it made a person more adorable (furry? ehhh. tail? kinda. no thumbs? YES no thumbs and only being able to bat at things makes everyone cute!). But capybaras are like a Platonic ideal of furry animalness. So big and furry and perfect.
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I totally agree, spamandkimchi. They are so perfect yet so odd that I'm almost convinced they aren't real animals and were instead designed specifically to make people on the Internet happy.

Also, I know I shouldn't anthropomorphize everything and even so, they probably couldn't speak the same language, but in my head, there is no way that those puppies aren't saying "What the fuck are you?" to that tortoise.
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...they aren't real animals and were instead designed...

To be fair, all our domesticated animals look how they do because of our domestication of them.
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You know who else couldn't tell a capybara from a dog?

Not Hitler, for once.
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I love a good interspecies friendship as much as the next girl, but seeing that zebra in there scared the piss out of me. Those are mean mofos.
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Any time capyberas come up, anywhere on the internet, someone has to mention The Tick.

What? No I'm not complaining. More like, what's the word? Approving? Encouraging?
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Nice names!
Capybara = Cheesecake
Zebra = Barcode
Tortoise = Crouton
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Because he's small and crunchy!
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You know who your real friends are when you take away the food for a few days.
posted by IndigoJones at 4:06 PM on February 6

I just finished reading "When Elephants Weep - The Emotional Lives of Animals" by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and I'm still feeling the love, then along comes this and I guess I'm going to have to go out in the cold and find some kind of critter to hug.
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the capybara is clearly hogging the pool

Capybaras really like a good soak.
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Barcode is very cute.
posted by Katjusa Roquette at 8:31 PM on February 6

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