I used to be like you, then I grew a brain, a dick, and a heart.
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Every episode of Brad Neely's China, Il is currently available at Previously: 1,2,3.

I'm sorry for all of you who are about to watch the Mio commercial way too many times.
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gonna scoop me up a whopper and a 40 before i get in on this shit
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I came here for the title.
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In that order?
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I've gone from being vaguely skeptical about this show to loving it.
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The title quote is from here for those interested.
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I've gone from being vaguely skeptical about this show to loving it.

Yeah, me too. What really converted me was watching a bunch of the online-only cartoons about Babycakes.
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Finally they're showing us non-US folks their stuff! Go Adult Swim.

Yeah, I think there's a kind of rough magic in the online cartoons that it helps to have seen and to keep in the back of your mind when watching the TV show, which loses a little - but only a little, amazingly - of that mad swagger. Pretty sure I've seen a couple of other shows that made the jump from net to tv where the situation's the same. Doesn't Gunshow comics have a show now? And something something from something something? And Superjail of course. A good trend I think we can all get behind.

Maybe once they've done these maybe they can make an Achewood series that looks appealing (sorry whoever did the Achewood test reel)
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Time, space, and propriety prevent me from recommending their Professor Brothers series enough.
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Doesn't Gunshow comics have a show now?

I got really really excited when I read that, but I can't find anything on it.
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I know that KC Green (who does Gunshow) is writing for the Regular Show comic book -- but if he's also got a TV show coming soon, I will be very happy. Because Gunshow/KC Green is awesome.
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Some background materiel.
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If I was half as clever as Brad Neely, I would have a name that makes people think of that hockey player who played for the Bruins.
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Good old Nad Brealy. I might still have his hockey card around here somewhere.
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Aww damn, I raised false hopes! How odd, I could have sworn I saw a snippet of an ad or something for a show based on Mort and the Anime Club, but Google reveals nothing so I guess it was some hopeful dream.
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Aww nuts, it was actually this. I MISINTERPRETED! *laugh track* On the plus side - looks pretty good!
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Rick & Morty vs The Anime Club would be great, they should do that
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Drexen -- if you haven't started watching Rick & Morty yet, YOU MUST.

That goes for everyone here. It's an amazing show.
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After watching "The Diamond Castle" I really want Neely to do a show entirely about National Treasure-style presidential adventures.
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