Fifty Years of Falling in Love and Fifty Years of Moving On
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Whatever you’re feeling today, you’re not alone. If you’re not sure what you’re feeling try listening to fifty years of music history in five minutes and see what sticks. CollectiveCadenza (previously) presents a history of men moving on, a history of women moving on, a history of love songs by female artists, and a history of love songs by male artists.

note: there’s a bit of needless heteronormativity in CDZA's titling
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It's great fun to watch their videos - but, I suspect, not a patch on what it would be to be involved in making them.
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This is a really excellent rabbit hole to fall down -- thanks!
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I came across their Epic Key Changes video and found myself wondering just what would happen if they were introduced to Eurovision..
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This is so great.

Also man was the 90s full of terrible hits (Alanis Morissette aside).
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This just made my day. Thanks for posting this. :-)
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This is brilliant, thank you. Why did the word "fuck" become acceptable in the 1990s? Post Cold War decadence?
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THis IS Awesomely eclectic; And, at once Much Needed! Thank you for sharing this today!!:)

I only watched the first 2 vids; so thanks for those.

Q: Does anyone else feel like the male singer/&his mini-covers were more powerful than the female's?

I ask because it seemed strange that the male artist was more vocally talented than the female --And that it's Valentine's Day does not escape me!

(Just curious) -

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I thought the "women moving on" singer was a bit slow on the transitions, but the "love songs by female artists" singer did a good job of slowly descending into horror at what she was singing from the 90s onward.

Why did the word "fuck" become acceptable in the 1990s?

Using "I want to fuck you like an animal" to mark the transition from love songs to sex songs was hilariously jarring.
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They have a really good bass player.
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