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HTML Theremin Headphones optional. Supposedly better in Chrome or IE, but I had no problem in FF.
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Here's some theramin related humour: Bill Bailey - Zippedee Do Dah.
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Theremin, no A's.

I keep seeing the misspelling all over. Shorthand to remember the spelling: it's not therapeutic, but there it is.

As a (not very good) thereminist and a fan of much better thereminists, it seems strange to me that there's an automatic glissando in this web thingy. A good thereminist (or one using a pitch preview monitor) doesn't slide into notes unless they mean to; they hit it precisely.

But as a web toy it's still kind of neat, and unlike my poor Moog Etherwave it actually works.
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Better on a touch screen than with a mouse, of course.
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I'll be damned if I didn't just spend half an hour playing space tunes with that thing. *ahem* goes well with.
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It's kinda a shame you need to click. Just waving my mouse cursor near it should produce sound.
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Tried for a while to play the Doctor Who theme song, couldn't. Sad.
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O.K., now I'm going to watch Forbidden Planet with the sound off and see what I can do vs. Bebe and Louis Barron. I'm gonna lose, but I'll have a lot of fun losing!
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I take a daily dose of Niacin, Theremin and Rhinoflavin...
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Oh my six year old son is going to freak when he see this.
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[Fixed theremin typo.]
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Kept trying... not quite getting the Dr Who theme.... oh well
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Shorthand to remember the spelling: it's not therapeutic, but there it is.

There wolf.
There castle.
There min.
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I know someone who will enjoy this....
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Palm OS had a great Theremin emulator called Theremini.
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That's the answer to my dreams! Thanks from my 8-yr-old self who bugged my father for the next 40-odd years to build her a theremin.
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> I know someone who will enjoy this....

I wholeheartedly recommend that if you're ever in the North Phoenix/Scottsdale area, you visit the Musical Instrument Museum. That's where I got to play that theremin, in a room which was full of other instruments you can also play (gamelan, ukeleles, a small harp, drums of all kinds, etc...). And that's just one little corner of the museum -- the MIM has exhibits and physical examples of instruments and musics from all over the world, arranged in a very linear fashion by continent. You wear a bluetooth headset, and when you're looking at one exhibit with all the instruments, and an HD video display showing people playing them in their native environs, the bluetooth headset automagically tunes in to that particular station you're standing at (rather than taking you from place to place; you can start anywhere and end anywhere).
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this is the soundtrack of my life
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Yeah, but is it as intuitive for cats to use as the real thing is?
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