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"The street finds its own use for things"
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Graffiti: 40 Years of Hacking New York City. "City as Canvas is a reminder that this is, in a very literal sense, criminal artwork." [Via]
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A short story by the author: Paintwork

"Paintwork is a near-futuristic story of a virtual-reality graffiti artist specializing in defacing and reprogramming QR codes who is confronted with a series of impossibly fast takedowns of his latest series. He must find the artist who is dissing his works while struggling to face the validity of their critiques."
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Highlights: Martin Wong Graffiti Collection
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I hated that jackass Paul Graham's Hackers and Painters, and while I agree with many of the points this article makes, it still rubs me the wrong way. While Graham's comes at it from a programmer perspective, trying to add High Artistic Talent to his shitty pile of Lisp code, at least this comes at it from a fictionalized futuristic ideal and writes from more of an artist standpoint.

I wrote and deleted a few times why I hated the comparison, and I can't seem to nail down the finer points. Mostly, I think its a stupid superficial comparison thats deeply unfair to painters.
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Live from the Graffiti Underground: Decades before street artists like Banksy could ignite an Internet firestorm and fetch millions, three guys with a video camera and a stack of VHS tapes set out to share the gritty story of NYC graffiti.
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