Batman vs. The Terminator
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Mitchell Hammond completes his Batman vs. Terminator animation.
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*Munches oreo* - "Mmm-hmm. Call when you get in trouble. Watchtower out."
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This is legitimately brilliant. Great animation. Major shades of Aeon Flux, Kurosawa, and Frank Miller. Not to mention a super badass concept. Man. Too bad no one will ever take my money for a full-scale realization of this.
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That's a one-man job? That's extremely impressive.

My minor quibble is that the sky after Judgement Day shouldn't be blood red. It should be black. Always black. It doesn't have to make astronomical sense. Black sky, and everything bathed in actinic blue-white light, especially if it's made of chrome.
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I will take your money. And I will wish very hard for a major motion picture. Or a graphic novel...

Oh, DO something constructive?
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In news that couldn't be more related if it tried, Frank Miller and Walt Simonson's Robocop vs Terminator is getting a reprint. That comic had no business being as good as it was.
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I am amazed that that's the work of one person.
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That was fun, so was that flash before the final drop the Batman memory from the Nolan universe...the childhood thing with the well?
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That was my interpretation. Nice callback.
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So completely fantastic. And the single spoken line contains the whole story of how Batman and John Conner in a room together would go.
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Properly awesome.
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Dumb concept brilliant execution. I'd've preferred batman vs predator.
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I'd pay money to hear Batman say "I ain't got time to bleed."
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That theme was in plain old 4/4. I think the sound FX of the terminator tank was sampled from the Tempest arcade game.
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Oh this is just delicious.
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I watched this last night. Three times.

Possibly my favorite moment: The brief flash of the well before the door opened. Such a nice touch.
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I'd've preferred batman vs predator.

Be careful what you wish for...
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Batman was in it for all of thirty seconds.

So about the same amount of time he was in Dark Knight Rises, I guess.
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Thanks trackofalljades, that was indeed terrible.
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( I liked batman v. predator )
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Needs more Grendel Prime.
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Yeah, that BvP short was pretty good. I like grey skivvies Bats.
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"Officers quickly apprehended the suspect and revealed his true identity - not Bruce Wayne - but a 35 year old man living just streets away."

It's obviously Kyle Reese.
posted by homunculus at 9:58 AM on March 7

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