Come Find Me
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What is it like to be a musician who suddenly finds himself (and his friends) at one of the premiere recording studios on the planet? Fox Amoore recently recorded an album at Abbey Road with full orchestra and many of his friends. Come Find Me - Fox Amoore At Abbey Road Studios [22m] is a document of that experience.
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I don't think I've ever seen a better lede, more deeply buried. Watch the whole video.
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I now wish for a movie about an alternate history Beatles where they were all furries: John Leopard, Paul McPanther, George Hedgehog, and Ringo Foxx.
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After watching the music video, I'm left asking: is this guy Ireland's answer to John Tesh?
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Pretty sure he's from Scotland. But all those little islands and cultures so close to Europe are easy to mix up, aren't they?
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Well I didn't read anything about him, I just watched the vid and guessed. Sorry for guessing wrong.
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Sokka shot first: "I don't think I've ever seen a better lede, more deeply buried."

If you think "this musician is part of the furry community" is a "better lede" than you've ever seen, I would suggest you haven't seen a lot of ledes. I'm guessing it was not the lede in this post because the poster doesn't think that was the lede at all. I would wager he is right.
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koeselitz: Are you joking? It makes all of this a billion times better. The fact that a musician whose work seems to be primarily produced for and consumed by a small, oft-mocked subculture has recorded an entire album at Abbey Fucking Road is completely amazing and great. To be perfectly clear, I am not being snide or sarcastic when I say that.

That is the lede, and it was buried.

Or did you think I was mocking?
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The rest of the story is kind of adorable:

Bedroom musician goes to professional studio, is surprised at how professional everyone there is

Though even some of that might be coming from the fact that they're in and sort of representing a group that gets a lot of ridicule, and hey look these real musicians/engineers/etc are treating them with respect.
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Yeah, that is a pretty great part of the story. Sorry, Sokka. And thanks for this, hippybear.
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