Stone Towns of the Swahili Coast
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The Swahili Coast and its culture in the medieval period (roughly the tenth to fifteenth centuries) is relatively little studied, compared with other cultures of its size and influence, though it represents a key node in the development of global trade before the European Age of Discovery. Its history is known in broad strokes, but less is known about how the medieval Swahili lived and how they incorporated influences—from religion to architecture—from across the Indian Ocean world. Fleisher and his codirector, Stephanie Wynne-Jones of the University of York, looked for a site that would allow them to examine such questions in detail. “We had an inkling Songo Mnara would be that site,” he says, “but it has completely exceeded our expectations. --
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This is fantastic! Thanks for posting, Martin.
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The East coast of Africa is one of those places that I found out has a rich and long history and felt "Hey, why didn't anybody tell me about this before?". Plus, Swahili is a pretty cool language. Thanks.
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"Hey, why didn't anybody tell me about this before?"

That's my reaction right this very minute. I guess it's another (depressing) example of how eurocentric my education was, but at least I'm reading about this now...
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Fascinating. Thanks, MartinWisse.
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Plus, Swahili is a pretty cool language.

Seven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language
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Very cool indeed. I wish someone would do a visual reimagining of what a town like that would have looked like at its peak.
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Seven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language

Well, I was referring to the noun classes and noun concord, but yeah, I guess practical applications are cool too.
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I read about this on io9 recently. Neat.
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