60th Birthday Surprise
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Woman exits elevator on her 60th birthday and is given a lovely surprise.

The woman is long-time children's choir director Þórunn Björnsdóttir and the people singing are some of her former students. This is inside the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavík.
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Very sweet, very sweet.
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I want to live in Iceland.
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Oh god, somebody take that baby off her hands, if you're going to sing another verse!
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That's not the song I would expect to celebrate someone's birthday -- and career -- with.
posted by The corpse in the library at 8:20 PM on March 9

I was wondering if it was her favourite song.
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I kept hearing "Hello darkness my old friend..."
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WOW! Very cool. I'll probably just drop dead on my 60th. It's OK, it takes all kinds.
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Granting that If They Say It On Metafilter It's So, the video doesn't have any description on YouTube. From whence comes the provenance?
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That was beautiful. I love how many of her former students brought their own small children along.
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I really liked that! Thank you! It made me tear up.

It's especially really nice to see a surprise singing video that's very personal and meaningful instead of just kind of disruptive and pushy. I enjoyed this very much, thank you again for posting it.
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Beautiful! What an amazing gift to her. Thanks for posting this.
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Isn't that just about everyone in Iceland?
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By the third verse, I'd be thinking "Oh, for fuck's sake. There had better be alcohol and a designated driver in this deal."
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Oh, that was lovely. Watching it before reading the "more inside," my first thought was "this is a choir teacher and this is her choir." And it must be a favorite song or a song she has them all sing. What a wonderful show of love.

Also, Iceland continues to seem like the planet of Impossibly Attractive People.
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That was really nice. Funny coincidence; I myself am one of her former choir students.
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Shmuel510: From whence comes the provenance?

People in Iceland where sharing it on Facebook. I don't think there's been anything written about it in English, but there was a report on it on an Icelandic newssite where they link to a slightly different video (I think it's a rough cut of the one I linked to). The Google translation is pretty good (though it "translates" Þórunn Björnsdóttir name into "Anspach" and "Thor" in different places, but not always).
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dhartung: Isn't that just about everyone in Iceland?

If it is, then my whole existence is a lie. I saw only two people that I've met in that crowd.

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That was sweet. I'd forgotten how much I love that song, too.
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Thorzdad: I'd forgotten how much I love that song, too.

I first met my girlfriend in Harpa. She's currently living in Finland (but only for another six weeks, thank goodness) and to hear a group of people coming together on such a lovely occasion in Harpa to sing a song about missing your significant other had me just about on the verge of blubbing.

Strong men also cry... strong men also cry.

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So nice!
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I saw this before reading the more inside and was thinking if this was a generic flash mob that showed up for me I'd be miserable they weren't people who meant something to me. But knowing they're her former students makes it really sweet. I also like that it isn't some elaborate dance routine. Just a lot of love.
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Happy tears! So great. Thank you for sharing.
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What Dragonness said. In fact, kudos to the OP for underselling the front-page post.
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LOL, I cried all through that! I get verklempt too easily! That really was a "lovely surprise".
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That was just wonderful.
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