Reporter Nils Horner, 51, killed in Kabul
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Nils Horner was killed on the street early this morning. Here is a short article in English from a Swedish source.

Reporter Nils Horner is from Borås. Nor surprisingly, the front page of Borås Tidning is full of the news (in Swedish).
The killing has been called "execution-style," and the Washington Post fears a new trend.
Report from Dagens Nyheter, also in Swedish.
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Great journalist. He's been a semi-permanent part of my media-diet for decades. A real shame.

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It's been a bad day for journalists.
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Oh wow. I really liked his reports, he was a good interviewer...

According to Expressen and the foreign ministry, his killers were caught on surveillance cameras, and would have had to pass several more cameras to get out of the area. According to Aftonbladet, the source also said that the killers weren't wearing uniform.

Not a good day for good journalism.
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There is a longer piece on his murder in today's The Guardian.

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There is a longer piece on his murder in today's The Guardian.

Which is the first link of this post.

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One of the articles in BorĂ¥s Tidning is an interview from 2012. "Future plans: I'm under contract until 2014, then we will see. I honestly do not know what happens then."
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A friend's brother went to Afghanistan to work as a freelance reporter. He experienced something horrible before being rescued by ISAF troops. I don't know how or why anyone from outside of the country chooses to go there...
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Such a courageous reporter. I read somewhere that most journalists have left Afghanistan, not just because of the danger, but also because the western military presence has been drawn down, and therefore their news agencies aren't as interested.
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