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When I have a little money, I buy books
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"In 2011, when we blogged about the Shaftesbury Psalter (which may have belonged to Adeliza of Louvain; see below), we wrote that medieval manuscripts which had belonged to women were relatively rare survivals. This still remains true, but as we have reviewed our blog over the past few years, it has become clear that we must emphasize the relative nature of the rarity – we have posted literally dozens of times about manuscripts that were produced for, owned, or created by a number of medieval women." -- For International Womens' Day last week, the British Library's Medieval Manuscripts blog showcases a selection of manuscripts that belonged to some of the most remarkable women of the Middle Ages.

If you're into (medieval) manuscripts (and who isn't) the blog (and others) is more than worth putting in your RSS reader, as each featured manuscript is available in its entirety, from the British Library digitised manuscripts site.

British Library's digitised manuscripts featured previously: Beatus Cycle, knights fighting snails, Beowulf digitised, St Cuthbert gospel, Hebrew manuscripts.
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Yay! I was impressed by the name Joanna the Mad, who may have been mad only for political purposes. There is a whole website of mad monarchs, with an interface suitible for driving readers mad.
posted by GenjiandProust at 8:17 AM on March 12

Oh hell yes. Dear internet, thank you for bringing me all this lovely medievalia so I can have my fun without going back to grad school. Love, me.
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This is awesome. I plan to be lost in it for days, thank you!
posted by headspace at 9:37 AM on March 12

Female scribes in Syriac and Hebrew manuscript traditions
posted by Joe in Australia at 12:45 PM on March 12

Mmmmm, manuscript porn!
posted by BlueHorse at 8:25 PM on March 12

Can OP remind me where I have seen the title before ?

Many thanks
posted by devious truculent and unreliable at 4:02 AM on March 13

It's an Erasmus quote and you may have seen it on Amazon bookmarks: "When I have a little money, I buy books. If anything's left over, food and clothes".
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posted by devious truculent and unreliable at 8:17 AM on March 13

This is lovely. Thanks, MartinWisse.
posted by homunculus at 9:03 PM on March 13

Bookmarked! Thank you for the links. I'm a history buff, especially women's history, and I love this stuff.
posted by Rosie M. Banks at 6:46 AM on March 14

British Library's digitised manuscripts featured previously: Beatus Cycle, knights fighting snails, Beowulf digitised

Speaking of Beowulf: JRR Tolkien translation of Beowulf to be published after 90-year wait
posted by homunculus at 1:36 PM on March 19

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