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You're A Monk, I'm A Monk, We're All Monks
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Gary Burger, lead singer and guitarist for seminal proto-punk band The Monks, passed away early Friday morning after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 71.

As the lead singer of the pioneering ’60s garage band the Monks, Gary Burger is often cited as one of the unsung heroes of early punk rock and one of the originators of guitar feedback. And as the mayor of Turtle River, Minn., Burger spent the later part of his life modestly tucking away his status as a musical trailblazer, intent on living quietly and occasionally remembering back to wilder days gone by.

(My first post, folks -- be gentle!)
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God speed, you old crazy rocker. I wonder how Mark E. Smith (best Monks cover ever) is taking the news.
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That's a real shame. The Monks have been a subject of some posts before, but I kinda wish they'd had more. Terrific, time-breaking stuff, in the way that truly great music never quite sounds like the era it came from.

In tracking down those posts I saw this old comment:

Minneapolis has sort of claimed them as a local band, for no real reason other than one of the bandmembers hailed from these parts.
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I mean, if you've got a claim to a guy like that, you should take it.

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Their Cavestomp performance in 2000 sounds astounding on tape... anybody here experience that in person?
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My favorite two minutes of rock 'n' roll: Monk Chant on Beat Club
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<3 munks RIP
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Oh, man, the Minks ruled!. Good job, Mr. Burger!
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You think like I think.

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I uh typoed
I genuinely love the Monks
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You must do 20 Hail Garys in penance
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As I wrote in the previous Monk post, my wife met Gary when she was teaching a crafts class in Bemidji and the organizer asked if they could film her talking about her work. Gary filmed it at his house and he gave her a copy of the interview when they finished. She remembers him as very kind and interesting when he recalled his life as a Monk.

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There's a few songs that, no matter how many times I hear them, just immediately set my pulse racing and my blood pumping, just amazing bits of pure passion that make you want yell and scream and fight and fuck everything in sight. Monk Time is near the top of that list. Not bad for 1965.

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Oh man, The Monks were such a phenomenal band and Gary Burger was a great singer. I try not to get caught up in what-might-have-beens but I often wonder what they'd have made if they'd gotten to record another album. Either way, He Went Down to the Sea is a great final bow for any musician.
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The Monks are one of my favorite favorite favorite ever bands. I listen to Black Monk time when I am feeling bouncy or down or when I can't think of anything else to listen to.

Christ I'm sad.

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My favorite two minutes of rock 'n' roll: Monk Chant on Beat Club

Recorded in 1965 - it's hard to overstate how ahead of their time the Monks were.

Even in the context of the wildly creative, proto-punk German scene of their day, the Monks stood out.
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I got these drugs in my pocket, now I'll never know what to do with them.

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(oops, wrong Monks, carry on)
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