Comedian David Brenner has died at age 78
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Brenner, who had been fighting cancer, died peacefully at his home in New York City with his family at his side David has the record for appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for 158 appearances not including guest hosting.
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He really helped make growing up in the 1980s bearable.

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. He's easily one of the first stand-up comedians I can remember watching on TV. I remember thinking that my parents were so cool that they let me watch his HBO special in the 70s.
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I briefly met him at a wedding in the early 90s. He was very nice to me. Peace to all who knew and loved him.
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I think this is the third or fourth time now I've managed to work his "hang up on yourself" bit into a MetaFilter comment. It won't be the last. He was one of my first favorite comedians.

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Well shit.

I had no idea he was that old [b. 1936], he seemed perpetually 45 in all the years I saw him.

His wiki entry is interesting. "After high school, he largely hung out on the street corners for two years, followed by two years in the army, serving in the 101st Airborne and as a cryptographer of the 595th Signal Corp in Boblingen, Germany.". "He also wrote five books".
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I loved listening to AM talk radio as a kid and my favorite host was David Brenner. I would sit in the backyard, swinging on a swingset and listening to his show most days for a while. When we got a computer and AOL (I think I was in third grade), I sent him an email telling him how much I liked his show.

He emailed me back the next day. Great guy.

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