Why yes, I am reading that newspaper.
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Philadelphia native and comedian David Brenner has passed away at age 78.

Born in South Philadelphia, Mr. Brenner served as a cryptographer in the United States Army 101st Airborne Division. After discharge from the Army, Mr. Brenner went on to attend Temple University in Philadelphia where he majored in mass communications and worked for campus radio station WRTI-FM. After graduation, Brenner worked at television station KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

Mr. Brenner started his career making documentaries, writing and producing over 115 documentaries, but then realized "...that nothing [he] had done on TV changed one damn thing", so he "quit trying to solve the problems and decided to make people laugh about them," and pursued a career in comedy.

Mr. Brenner first appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1971, and went on to appear on The Tonight Show 158 times, the most of any guest on that show.

Brenner released the comedy album Excuse Me, Are You Reading That Paper?, based on an incident where he was riding on public transportation. Brenner was sitting on a newspaper when a fellow passenger asked Mr. Brenner if he was reading that newspaper. Mr. Brenner said he was, stood up, turned a page, and sat back down on the newspaper.

Mr. Brenner was honored as The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Person of the year in 1984, and inducted into that organization's Hall of Fame in 2003.

Mr. Brenner is survived by three sons: Cole, Slade, and Wyatt.
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A fixture of 70's television. Another piece of my childhood slips away.

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This is vurry, vurry, vurry sad news.

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Here is is on The Daily Show

And a recent-ish interview on CBS

Very funny man.
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RIP. He was a funny bastard.
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As a teenager growing up in Philly in the 1970s, Brenner was the quintessential local boy who made it big. His choice of family over career (which he always said was no choice) remains an inspiration. It is not everyone who reaches the top and keeps his feet on the ground.

RIP neighbor.
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This made me really sad. While I can't quote any of his bits, he was an undeniably important part of the comedy landscape - a direct through-line to Seinfeld and Paul Reiser, to name just two.

Also amazed to learn he was married to Tai Babilonia.
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(and a link to this anecdote, which I think is sweet, from the deleted thread.)
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He used to make me laugh out loud. Lived his radio program from a while back. Too bad...
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He was also an unlikely ladies' man and always had a stunning woman on his arm.
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Ladies love funny guys, dude.
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David Brenner's accent, stories and extra-wide lapels on Carson's show all helped make him of of my early crushes.

On preview: yes, many women really do love funny guys. It sounds as if he was a grounded, decent human being as well, which is also sexy.
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Well shit.

I had no idea he was that old [b. 1936], he seemed perpetually 45 in all the years I saw him.

His wiki entry is interesting. "After high school, he largely hung out on the street corners for two years, followed by two years in the army, serving in the 101st Airborne and as a cryptographer of the 595th Signal Corp in Boblingen, Germany.". "He also wrote five books".
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David Brenner's accent, stories and extra-wide lapels on Carson's show all helped make him of of my early crushes.

As someone who also grew up in Philly, his accent always seemed New Yorkish to me.

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and today I learned that Professor Irwin Corey is still alive (99!)

but I digress...
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In the 1970s, you couldn't do a full revolution of a VHF knob without finding him on TV somewhere. And to think, he had so many layers beyond that: cryptographer, documentarian, engaged to Tai Babilonia.

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That he was 78 is freaking me out and that so few people commented on his this makes me sad. He made me laugh so hard when I was 10, 12. I feel old, but this isn't about me.
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Reading various articles about him the past couple of days, two things stuck out for me:

1. He won an Emmy award for documentary film making *before* he started his stand up career. (That might be why his age at the time of his death is surprising for some. He wasn't a kid when he started showing up on TV.)

2. His relationship with Tai Babalonia. Some stories said they were only ever engaged. Some said they were married, divorced, then he remarried. Others said he was married to Tai at the time of his death. Wonder which is true.
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He was the first comedian I ever enjoyed listening to (well, besides the Smothers Brothers, but theirs was more an act, as opposed to a routine). I felt like such an adult when I got his jokes. RIP.
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My Appreciation, by Paul Reiser. Really lovely.
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