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I Actually Thought Something in the PA System Had Blown Up
March 19, 2014 8:15 PM   Subscribe

There are two main options when a sneeze is coming - let it happen, or try to ride it out. The decision often depends on your situation. For one unlucky trombonist, it was while playing in an orchestra at a church in Tiptree, Essex. He tried to ride the sneeze. He failed (SLYT). (via)

"A sneeze, burp or hiccup is inconsequential for a percussionist, while the trombone is probably the worst of all, he says. The instrument is often used to provide an edgy, aggressive sound. 'When you then add a sneeze to the natural tendencies of the instrument, it's a lethal combination.'"
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Needs "trom-boner" tag.
posted by Atom Eyes at 8:18 PM on March 19 [5 favorites]

I was secretly hoping to see the slide launched into the audience.
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[sad trombone]
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I started laughing as I read the FPP, continued laughing harder watching the video and then suddenly


This was beautiful.
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Next up...
Tuba sneezes.
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Oh, that is just so perfect. I can't stop replaying it and I keep just killing myself laughing on each replay. A beautiful de-stressing life-is-absurd-and-wonderful laugh. Thank you!
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Yes, this is genuine Laugh Out Loud material here. Sending the link to some 'bone playing friends.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 8:54 PM on March 19 [2 favorites]

This version with a baby elephant made me wonder if something in my body had blown up.
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Kind of reminded me of this ...
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my heart goes out to this man.
posted by Jon_Evil at 12:08 AM on March 20

The final paragraph in the linked article is hilarious. The visual--!
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The conductor was on Danny Bakers Radio 5 show last Saturday , podcast ( about 1 hour 14 minutes in ). He said the composer heard the sound and said "if he knew that was possible he would have written it in"
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Poor guy, I feel so bad laughing at this and yet, I am still laughing.
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Curiously, the fact that the actual audience does not appear to react makes this even funnier. It's like Spike Jones wandered into the church by mistake and tried to liven things up, to no avail.
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I think it's just part of the instrument.

Or not.
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This may be one of the most naturally funny things I've ever encountered. Something about it just gets me. I didn't even have to watch the video and I was in fits. So good.
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Trombones? In church? What will they think of next!
posted by sneebler at 7:49 AM on March 20

Oh god that is even funnier than I imagined

I have had to make many sneeze / cough decisions on stage, sometimes with painful or hilarious results, but at least THANK GOD I did not have a trombone to help.
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There is something intrinsically hilarious about the trombone. I have been laughing until I cried at this, and I was doing so before I even viewed the video.

Just the thought of someone sneezing into a trombone was enough to destroy me.
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Literal tears in my eyes.

I need this as a message alert or something.
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