Where Bad Records Go When They Die
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Vinyl Terror and Horror uses physically altered vinyl records and many turntables to produce an eerie soundscape.
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This is bloody wonderful. Cheers
posted by dng at 9:37 AM on March 20

Well, they don't go to heaven where the angels fly.
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to produce an eerie soundscape.

suitable background for something or other. I actually find it quite relaxing if I'm not actually looking at the visuals, which terrify me because you're just not supposed to treat turntables and needles and cartridges that way.
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Well, they used to go the Lake of Fire and fry on Emil Beaulieau's turntable.
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This is quite the remedy to hush the little voices in my head. I wish there was more info on the artist, though, as this blows most modern DJ's into the shallow end
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One should also mention Christian Marclay, whose work predates both Jeck and ... whoever this person is ... although he is now most famous for his 24-hour-long film, The Clock.

Marclay on Night Music in 1989.
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Won't somebody think of those poor needles?!?
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If you like this, you might enjoy the work of The Caretaker and other similar artists.
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I'm a person who tends to take the world the way it is presented, so I admire the hell out of someone who so fiercely bends things to the way they want them to be.
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Neat stuff.
posted by carter at 12:12 PM on March 20

Cool! I love old-tech hacks like this.
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