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Now we just need to put a mime in there...
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This is what happens when you build a cube out of one-way mirrors. From an industrial design collective called Numen/For Use.
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There is a sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that's a rectangular box made of one way mirrors, filled with a variety of mirrored vessels.
posted by beagle at 10:40 AM on March 28

Add this to the "things I wanted to do for many years but never got around to, and besides, it looks like their execution of it is better than mine would've been" art projects I've had to cross off my list over the years.

I really want to see this in person.
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and a few tabs of acid
/dont do drugs kids
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Battles - Atlas
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I'm not saying I know anything about it, but I'll just bet it would be really, really awesome to be tripping in a room with that thing running.
posted by Mooski at 11:09 AM on March 28

This is the closest I think I will ever see to a real version of what they show in Not Knot, a silly film I saw at a nerd camp.

I am having trouble expressing just how fantastic that is.
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My god, it's full of stars!
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Now I have to wonder what happens if you shine a flashlight in there.
posted by kafziel at 12:13 PM on March 28

kafziel: It looks like all the edges are light-strips, so it's already pretty well illuminated. I imagine if you shined the light on the face you are looking through, you would just see the stuff outside the cube reflected (one way mirrors are not one-way at all), but if you did it from the opposite face, you'd see the light, and its reflection on every single repeated image of that face.
posted by aubilenon at 12:24 PM on March 28

One-way mirror film is cheap, and Home Despot carries quarter inch lexan. I sense a project . . . .
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I'm not saying I know anything about it, but I'll just bet it would be really, really awesome to be tripping in a room with that thing running.

At Burning Man one year there was a camp which had built one of these, except it was made with ordinary mirrors and hung from a frame with bungee cords. They'd put you inside it with some random blinky objects and bounce you around. It was AWESOME. Especially in the state of mind I had at the time.
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This reminds me of something I used to see at some craft fairs: tables or wall hangings about 3" thick with a one-way mirror parallel with a regular mirror in back, and in the middle are lights around the frame. Kind of like this.
I made one once for my son's room. Easy to make something really cool. The ones in the FPP are more complicated.
posted by MtDewd at 2:56 PM on March 29

Thank you Hactar for linking to Not Knot, that's exactly what this reminded me of! Hyperbolic space is a place I'd like to be.
posted by otherthings_ at 6:57 PM on March 29

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