Teevee Dinner
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Teevee Dinner is a femme punk transboy from Australia who enjoys teen culture and eating outta trashcans. You can read an interview or two, his tips on dumpster diving, and if you live in Vancouver, see his first full-length film premier tomorrow.
Not in Vancouver? You can watch a music video or read an interview about making it, see a short film about queer skaters learning that girl love is better than girl hate, swoon over a dreamy fairy-tale-inspired photoshoot, or watch his NSFW X-Rated directorial debut.

Many links contain sexually suggestive material. Teevee Dinner uses the pronouns he/him/his. Trans 101.
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Thank you for this! I'm unfamiliar with his work, and have now fallen into a tumblrhole. This is really great.

oh god I feel so old because 90's nostalgia and ahhhhh
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I love that uneaten and stale dumpster-found food will of course be exploded with fireworks. This seems like a wonderful rule to know about.

His whole body of work/life seems wonderful.
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This is great because this whole scene and aesthetic are the realization of everything I wanted to be when I was four years old. I like that my childhood dreams are someone's reality.
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