I like large parties because they're so intimate
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Save the date: You are invited to Boss Wedding!

via Above the Law: Say hello to Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz. They met at U. San Francisco Law, and they’ve been together ever since. Here’s their wedding website — — no details, no registries, just their save the date video, which is virtually indescribable save for its res ipsa loquitur flair.
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...and a bit more background from the video production team on the Vimeo page:

The most important thing was they wanted it to be different than every other “Save the Date” that anyone has ever seen. They were so open to ideas and excited about creating something that seemed impossible…

Some things that we thought about when coming up with the plan:
They love Jay-Z.
They love the trailer for The Great Gatsby.
They have huge parties every year that they are know for throwing amongst their friends.
They love to surprise people.
They are more willing than most people that we know to step outside of their comfort zone in order to be creative!!!
Our keyword for this project was EPIC.

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Just how far out of their comfort zone would they be willing to go?
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I was kinda hoping a boss wedding would be how mergers happened now that the definition of corporate personhood has been so broadened.
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boilermonster, apparently not far enough to be understated.
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Maybe someday I too will live in a circa 1999 Puff Daddy video.

A boy can dream, right?
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I was kinda hoping a boss wedding would be how mergers happened now that the definition of corporate personhood has been so broadened.

I was hoping a boss wedding was Bowser and Robot-Hitler.
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It's just nice to be invited.
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This won me over. It's actually kind if great. I was expecting worse production values I guess? But it's sharp. Not too long. It's pretty well done.

The bride crammed into the car after the part shots is sort if awkward tho.
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Ah, conspicuous consumption in SF. Good times.
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@Homeboy Trouble: Logged in at work to like your comment. lol'ed.
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Actually, it doesn't feel obnoxious. Over the top ... but done just right to avoid obnoxious.

After seeing that both are attorneys and seem to be intelligent productive members of society, may be, it was done as a tongue-in-cheek rather than cocksure arrogance.
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I came in here to talk Tony Micelli and Angela Bower.
I was disappoint.

(I did end up watching the video. I am still disappoint but I'm not going to bag the couple. Their poor dog doesn't even have any eyes.)
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So are we going? I plan to get seriously wasted, will someone else drive?
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The second I saw the phrase "boss wedding", I cringed.

Not because of the video, because that was actually delightful in a over-the-top awesome.

But around 7 years ago, I was working for this tiny web design company. And the owner and his long-time girlfriend (who was also a director of the company) decided to finally get married. Which was fine, whatever, but suddenly, we weren't working for clients, we were working for their wedding.

From the graphic designer having to create all the invitations and cards and placemarkers and website, to the receptionist having to answer all the RSVPs, book vehicles (because of course the wedding and reception were out in the middle of nowhere), book their wedding night hotel, and organise their honeymoon, to me building their wedding website, to the sales guy picking out their wedding song (because he was a hobbyist DJ), to all of us having to collect their wedding presents at the office. All on company time.

And then we all had to attend the wedding, because it was on a weekday, and we didn't get paid for taking that day off (I'm actually surprised they didn't dock our holiday). And we had to buy them gifts off of their registry.

They fuck off to Dubai for their honeymoon, and we finally get to get some work done, only to have them come back and complain about we weren't making any money during the last month.

So I'm pleased that this couple is having a boss wedding. Just don't have a boss wedding.
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Similarly to Katemonkey, I thought this was going to be some sort of article or comic about the perils of being invited to your boss's wedding.
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Maybe they have more money than sense... and they should give some of it to people in need rather than spending it all on a pointless event?
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Could have made a bit more of an effort, couldn't they?
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This is why the revolution in democratising video/filim technology over the last few years is NOT a good thing. The HD cameras, the GoPros, laptop editing and effects software, and especially the DSLRs which allow hipsters to craft loving rack focus shots of hand-welded bike frame makers, none of it good.

Depth of field should remain in the hands of professionals, people.
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I had assumed it was going to be a viral for Boss Coffee.
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"Maybe they have more money than sense... and they should give some of it to people in need rather than spending it all on a pointless event?"

Well, there IS going to be a dinner after the wedding....and I suspect those attending will be hungry at that point...
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God, just mate and breed, people.
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If I were actually invited to this, I'd be posting a stressed-out ask about what to wear.
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This wedding is no big deal, my friends and I cleared it when we were kids. You just have to time the ring-giving to when the groom's tuxedo flashes red, indicating his vulnerability. The maids of honor are annoying but they come in predictable waves and you can just jump over them.
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I like any save the date that explicitly tells me how hard the couple balls.

It is an interesting music choice for a pg-rated family event, and I approve.
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So, this is a... this is a real thing...?
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When I encourage myself to be less cynical about weddings, I'm left with bewilderment.
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I thought this was going to be about being invited to the wedding of your boss, which might be a little strange, because it's your boss and all that. You don't want to be the one person in the department who doesn't go, and should we all go in on one gift or something? A piece of their china pattern? Is there even going to be a reception?
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And, with that, there's a new "everyone's doing it" item popping-up at all this summer's bridal fairs...the video save-the-date message.
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This is like a Tom Haverford wet-dream made real.
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Seven years hence: "Mommy and daddy were in a car commercial once. I saw the video."
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Oh, getting invited to your boss's wedding!

See, I thought it was going to be about how to marry your boss. Like some retro-'50s upward mobility for women kind of things, like how secretaries can marry a rich executive or how nurses can land some handsome doctor. Like how to actually wed your boss.

Like The Art of Boss Wedding, or something like that...
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These are the first two words I want to enter your mind when you think about our love:


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See it in Real 3D
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Maybe they have more money than sense... and they should give some of it to people in need rather than spending it all on a pointless event?

This is addressed to every bride and groom ever, I presume?
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I'm sure the reaction to this would depend on whether you like or hate these people, but if I were on the fence, this would push me towards the "like" side.
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srsly can't decide if insufferable or adorable
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It's funny, I watched that whole video thinking "boy New Yorkers are tacky" until the end, then realized it was my home San Francisco instead. Then I went back and looked and yup, all the shots are in SF. But we're a dumpy little town focussed on hipster bicycles and overpriced coffee. Where'd this bling hip-hop world come from?
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Was waiting for tuxedo base jump. Was disappointed.

(Also: Bay Area hip-hop is indeed an Oakland/Daly City aesthetic, which just goes to show you can be IN San Francisco and still not OF it)
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Aw, and here I thought my MST3K-themed save the date cards were the epitome of cool.

(Also, I can't be the only person to think of Boss Wedding as a character, either like Boss Hogg or the boss in some wedding-themed video game?)
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I need to open a boutique in SF to sell artisanal pitchforks, torches and guillotines. Hand sharpened!
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I wish I was still in SF: I would love to crash this wedding! If that's their pre-Save the Date video, can you imagine how over the top the actual wedding will be?

However, they did just open themselves up to a bunch of uninvited people wondering where their never arriving invitations are...
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I'd rather see these save the date videos become the fridge is full of magnetized photos that served as save the dates for friends and relatives and somehow I can't make myself chuck them in the trash.
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Wow, that is pretty tacky! Everyone wants to be soooooo coooooool.
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If you have enough of those magnets left over, you can use them to erase the digital wedding pictures you never actually printed in case of divorce.
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For about 1:45 of this 1:50 video, I thought it was an ad for Hugo Boss. He's certainly got the Hugo Boss look and for that matter so does she. It made a hell of a lot more sense than a save-the-date for a wedding.
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