The Great Easter Bunny Egg Hunt
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It’s nearly Easter bunny time! The BEST bunny hat ever made and some great Easter tips from Dress My Bunny
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That is a grumpy bunny.
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חַג שָׂמֵחַ
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The bunny is appropriately unleavened :)
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Leavened Bunny.
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I was really expecting some tips on how to field dress my rabbits. Imagine my disappointment!*

*Note: If you like cute-widdo bunnies, do NOT Google "rabbit dressing"
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I miss the Easter/Passover tradition wherein one of the Big 3 networks would air Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandmants on Sunday evening. It was one of the few things that, as kids, we were allowed to stay up past our bedtimes to watch. Felt like a real event.

I suppose I could binge watch Simon Schama's The Story of the Jews, but it's a poor substitute for Anne Baxter in a see-through gown and Chuck Heston in a glue-on beard.
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Putting fake bunny ears on a real rabbit seems either (1) from the Department of Redundancy Department or (2) a couple appendages short of a kraken...
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"That guy's a couple appendages short of a kraken, if ya know what I mean"
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Homunculus with the vital updates!
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Y'all do NOT understand true buns.

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Alcoholic Rabbit Tears It Up.

See Also! In the Mexican indigenous community I lived and worked in they believed that when you got drunk the rabbit spirits that inhabited other drunks would beat you up and steal your money, that's why you never got mad at your cousin even though he robbed you last weekend and left you passed out in the drainage ditch, it wasn't him it was the naguales.
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Woah, fascinating. Can you tell us more?
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Sure, I had heard the term in an anthropology course describing "trickster" heroes in fables and folk tales where the hero used his ability to shift into his animal spirit to avoid trouble. Years later I worked as a sort of "fixer" for an anthropological study in the mountains in southwest Veracruz, which mostly means that I would spend time drinking horrible homemade brandy and playing cards with some of the locals who I would get to take me and one of my "friends" (the anthropologists) to meet people that my colleagues could then establish a relationship with for their study. One night my usual band of card players were teasing a fellow drinker that "he'd better not drink too much more else he'd be liable to get jumped by the naguales on the stumble home." This of course piqued my interest so I started asking questions. My companions were all catholics so they thought naguales was really just superstition but they made arrangements for me to meet an indian faith healer who they said believed that stuff. The healer told me and the furiously scribbling anthropologists I had brought along all about how the naguales weren't something you controlled but rather they controlled you and "posessed" your body in times when you were weak (like when drunk). Later we met older indians who also believed that the naguales (usually rabbits, overseen by their chief, the rabbit on the moon, and thus the nocturnal nature of their activities) would come upon some drunks and would then cause mischief like fighting, breaking things, or robbing people. That was why come Monday morning there was often a lot of mess to clean up in the streets, black eyes and busted lips to mend, hangovers, and guys waking up in the gutter without their wallets. It was never the fault of the drunk whose body started the fight or broke the window or tossed the other drunk guy, it was those damn naguales!
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One more thing I forgot, sometimes a more fierce and less naughty and mischievious spirit would decend on someone, say a jaguar spirit, which would lead to more violent results like a machete attack. In these cases the old folks thought it was OK to punish the posessed because they felt that there needed to be some sort of sacrifice to appease the angry, viloent, wandering animal spirit and who better to sacrifice than the one who it had chosen to posess. I imagine in the old days theis meant a death sentence, now it means turning the person over to the police for jail time.

Anyway, alcoholic rabbit sounds a lot like a person symbolically possessed by a mischievious rabbit spirit when drunk to me!
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