Fighting for the Federation
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It's all that flattering spaceship lighting and Intergalatic Spanx.
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My karaoke league team sang that song once, and I will always have a soft spot for space disco cheese. Good times!
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I prefer the 1978 original, because the cheesy voiceovers are part of the charm.

Excuse me. "charm".
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Fantastic, and did you see that at 0.01? That was Majel freakin' Barret in the original un-aired pilot!

The original pilot has Captain Christopher Pike, and Majel Barret as No. 1. Only Barret and Spock made it into the televised series. It was reworked into the Star Trek TOS 2-parter "The Menagerie." It is available to watch here (pt1) and here (pt 2).

Via wiki - that was Sarah Brightman signing:

"performed by Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip. It is notable as the debut of the then 18-year-old Brightman as a singer, and reached number six in the UK Singles Chart"

I have this on 12" vinyl (with the cover as per the pic on wiki!) and have played it on the decks.
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Also, Kudos for the last tag. Perfect.
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Re. Subtext: I wasn't impressed on first viewing, and was about to point out that for a song and video combination seemingly intended to portray romance in Starfleet, that the clips were only shots of women just doing things together, and strangely lacking in overt romance, or even men, for that matter...

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An evil Darth Vader has me banished to Mars

Darth vader wouldn't know where mars is!
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It says something for Star Trek that a few of those scenes actually did depict in-canon same-sex romances. (Trill characters gave them a lot of wiggle room to get away with "well she used to be a man" justifications, but still.)
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not enough Yoga.
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That was Majel freakin' Barret in the original un-aired pilot!

You know how there are people who get so deep into fandom that they have a fictional character alter ego that informs who they are as a person?

If I were that deep in fandom, Majel Barrett's Number One would be that character, for me.

If Star Trek had proceeded per the unaired pilot, or the Number One character had made her way unaltered into the Star Trek we know and love, I probably would be that deep in fandom.
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Just this guy, y'know: "Darth vader wouldn't know where mars is!"

But I bet you he'd think its theme song sounds kinda familiar.
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not enough Yoga.

The visuals were all from Star Trek.
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